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State Trooper out all alone!?


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    Originally posted by PeteBroccolo
    VSP obviously does not install protective screens in your patrol cars. No insult intended, but why won't VSP do that?
    Money, space, and the fact that we don't transport near as often as some agencies I guess.

    Originally posted by PeteBroccolo
    I certainly understand carrying a whole load of forms and other gear, but why not put the box up front in the right front seat?
    That's where my arrestees ride, one at a time, cuffed in back only, and sometimes I'll use the rope. No cage so I want them where I can watch them.
    Sometimes, if really necessary, I'll transport a second one in the right rear seat after complete search and again, the cuffs in back. Uncomfortable for them maybe, but it's usuallly a short trip of under 20 miles.
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      oh someone is concerned for the trooper being alone? i work my entire county alone and rarely is there a trooper around much less anyone else.


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        Trooper stuff

        MSP does not use cages in cars. We transport cuffed in the back, and belted in the front passenger seat. We have a restraint device for their feet if need be as well. I like the fact that we use no cage to tell you the truth.

        Sometimes there are limited number of Troopers working in a county at one time. Usually if there is a major situation going on, the local depts, and county sheriff deputies will lend a hand. I try to back up other depts when I think they need assistance for things, even if they are small things. Sometimes your backup can be miles away, and you have to take that into consideration when dealing with people sometimes.


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          Originally posted by vsp645
          If worse comes to worse we could of course go to the M4 rifle though in a pinch I imagine you'd be hard pressed to get to it.
          That's why you don't get out of your vehicle without it
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            Originally posted by USAcop
            The smaller town PDs, small sheriff departments, and Troopers cover each other real well. Law enforcement in lightly populated areas usually get along much better because they have to depend on each other more. You dont have as many turf battles.

            If you are confident in your abilities, tactically sound you will do fine no matter how desolate it is.
            Truer words have never been spoken...um, typed. I work in a very lightly populated agricultural county, and we work very closely with ALL of the other departments in the county, including the Ohio State Highway Patrol. There are nights when I spend more time outside of my jurisdiction backing up other agencies than I do in my own town. In comparison, I once worked for a much more populated county with alot more officers/departments, and there were always turf battles going on between departments with one agency's officers not talking to another.

            There's alot more teamwork between agencies when you know your backup is few and far between. There are occasional turf battles even in the more rural counties, but the road officers don't care when the $h!t hits the fan.
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              The whole "by yourself" thing can work to your advantage.

              When a trooper pulls somebody over in an isolated area, the violator is also ALONE or with only a few people.

              When you make a stop in an urban enviornment you can draw an audience that may be sympathetic to the violator.

              Smart cops try to make their stops pulling OUT of housing projects instead of pulling INTO them. The driver is also more likely to be holding dope that way too.


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                Another point about working alone, as I did for most of my career: You don't get endangered by officers who are NOT as mindful of tactics. I was alone, I was in charge, and I knew my capabilities and limitations. Some of the folks in my office were clueless (tactically), or 'thought' they knew how to do things.
                I made sure I was coming home from every encounter.

                Edited to add: Acting this way got me a rep for being a "hardass". But the FBI did a study of cop killers, and looked at the officers as well. It seemed most of the officers attacked and intentionally killed were described as "nice guys, gave people a break, used less force than others, etc."

                I am a survivor! I retired with all my fingers & toes, and have every intention of being the Worlds Oldest Living Civil Service Retiree. I never cared about my rep in the office, and it got so I was requested to assist for more arrests and warrents as a result.

                So study, train, practice, listen to your instincts. Working alone is (per at least one study) not as dangerous as working with others - it all depends who those others are!
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                  I can tell you, usually in the area of TX I am at, Troopers are all alone. There are usually PD, and County units in the area. Troopers in TX are some tough keys. You hardly ever hear a Trooper call for backup, but I can tell you if they do call for a unit, they will get 10. Troopers in my area are very respected people.


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