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Any officers willing to do an anonymous interview?


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  • Any officers willing to do an anonymous interview?

    The "Road to Freedom" show seeks law enforcement professionals for anonymous interviews.

    If you are a sworn police officer, we would like to interview you ANONYMOUSLY in a non-confrontational mode on Road to Freedom. We will need to have some form of verification that you are credentialled but we will ensure that no record of your identity will be kept. We are interested in opening a dialogue about vigilante stalking and electronic harassment with you professionals, who are most likely to be called upon to deal with our members in crisis situations. Retirees who retired in good standing are welcome.

    We will provide volunteers with an initial set of questions we would like to ask before you commit to coming on the program. If requested, we can apply voice changing to the interview before posting.

    Our purpose is not to confront the guests, rather, it is to begin a dialogue which will both inform the listener and may lead eventually to professionals realizing that vigilante stalking and electronic harassment are real crimes which require a moderate amount of effort to expose.

    We do not have caller ID, and the listeners will be advised to make up their own minds as to whether a given interviewee is providing good information or not. Anonymous interviews will not be recorded with listeners calling in, unless the interviewee requests that.

    To hide your identity, sign up for a free or email account. For show details see:

    For an excellent, uncomplicated introduction to vigilante stalking and electronic harassment for those who are not familiar with these crimes, please visit:

    If you are interested, please email me, Eleanor White, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, at:

    [email protected]

    We pay for the call.

    PS: Some have asked, about vigilante stalking and electronic harassment, "Is there any evidence this is really happening?"

    Well, the common mythology that groups of people harassing selected targets for years, to the ruin of their lives, relationships, and careers doesn't really happen, is finally starting to crumble.

    A few (brave) social service agencies, doctors and police officers are coming around to realize that gang stalking (based on lies told about the target, hence the term "vigilante") really does happen. Remember about 25 years ago, when people claiming single stalking were regarded as causing it themselves, and when prosecutions were very rare? Well, that's where group stalking is today. (Unfortunately, most police officers do not see enough support among their colleagues to go public, yet.)

    One brave social service agency, the Toronto (Ontario) Rape Crisis Centre, is helping targeted people in southern Ontario with our public information campaign. The web site describing this initiative is the site mentioned above.

    There is a 2001 book, titled "Terrorist Stalking in America" by David Lawson, who investigated vigilante stalking gangs in the U.S. and Canada, and actually rode with some of the gangs as they carried out their harassment assignments. Lawson also interviewed police. You can read ten pages of direct quotes from that book at this link:

    As to the silent, through the wall electronic weapons in use, there are five which are basic, unclassified (not secret) and which anyone with the cash can buy, build, or have built. Our group has ten copies of one of them. Those five weapons are described here:

    As to personally acquired evidence of our members' harassment, we have some, and this is mainly items sabotaged at home (also happens at work and in the target's car too) by perpetrators entering the target's home while the target is away:

    As to direct evidence of vigilante activity, that is difficult for the TARGET to acquire, because the vigilantes always carefully set up the harassment to look like "life's normal breaks", such as noisy neighbours.

    BUT, when one moves eight times over 25 years as I have, and at every single location, a new neighbour moves in next door EVERY SINGLE TIME, and immediately either makes noise or allows others free access to the apartment next door so they can do the same, it's no longer a "random" event.

    When "small" sabotage occurs at home, car and work at least weekly for 25 years, that's not "random bad luck" either.

    When neighbours are told stories such as, the target is a drug addict, the target is a prostitute, the target has a criminal record, or the target is a pedophile EVERY place the target moves (and the target is not those things), that is not "life's normal breaks." One sheriff admitted, off the record, that this "extra-judicial corrections system" really does exist, to a woman whose family was harassed wrongly for years, because they unknowingly moved into a house which had been a methamphetamine lab. Their family dentist discovered "meth mouth" symptoms, and was responsible for getting the family harassed.

    Now - we targets COULD provide plenty of direct evidence IF we could afford to pay a full time detective, a detective who could not be bribed or threatened to not work on our side. But we can't.

    The police have all the authority and resources necessary to get the evidence, but the "political will" in their management to do so is lacking. I have a page posted which suggests a way any police department could, using low cost, low man-hour methods, acquire the evidence needed to expose and stop the vigilante gangs in their jurisdiction. That page is here:

    That is where the state of evidence is today.

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    We are the thin blue line
    between you
    and all the money in the world.

    And no you can't have any.


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      Information about psychotronic mind control blockage using an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
      Talk sense to a fool, and he will call you foolish - Euripides


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        Wow!!! That's just messed up, and all this time I thought it was my wife parking my car poorly and emptying my bank account!!

        I think the only people that should be terrorsit gang stalked are sex offenders!

        I had a front counter stalking file once that sorta fits the billing. Black cars and strange people following the women, breaking into her home, riding the elevator with her at the same time daily.

        Sadly, I was forced to write the file off as an EDP complaint.

        Ironically though, her office building is share with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) our version of the CIA..


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          Originally posted by Delta784

          We just opened up or newest squad, the Alien Abduction Squad.
          They share office space with the Sasquatch Squad though.
          You can now follow me on twitter.


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            Originally posted by SlowDownThere
            We just opened up or newest squad, the Alien Abduction Squad.
            Will they be taking the anal probe complaints, or will those be forwarded to sex crimes???


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              OK guys ...

              OK guys ... ha ha ha ... now, is there anyone willing to do a serious interview on this subject, and who has at least some knowledge of it?

              Again - to correspond anonymously get a free yahoo or hotmail email account, and email me at:

              [email protected]

              David Lawson, author of "Terrorist Stalking in America" did interview police officers who knew extensively about this issue, and we are trying to make similar contacts.

              I certainly agree that sex offenders should be kept under surveillance, but what my group is saying is that people with no criminal records or affiliations have been harassed for years and decades, based on lies. Surely LEOs aren't in favour of that?

              Eleanor White


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                It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses....Hit it!


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                  There was a reason the department I worked for had a Public Relations Officer. I'll pass too, besides I have a Yahoo and Hotmail account why would I need other ones?


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                    Well, raven, since my eyes are bleeding from reading your post, I'm still uncertain as to what your point is here.


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