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How best to deal with an LEO who may not be aware of uncommon laws.


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    Originally posted by Bodie
    I am more in favor of crime control such as two rounds center of mass and no more repeat offenders.
    I think you missed the one to the head

    Although not in the same country, quick summary of the situation here (South Africa) for those interested, if not, scroll on:

    Firstly, for the new firearms control act (for those really interested): http://www.saps.gov.za/crime_prevention/firearms.htm

    In South Africa all automatic weapons are considered "prohibited weapons" and the only place you are likely to find them is the police or military. There is extremely rare cases where permission can be for them to be used for a film shoot or in a high risk security industry (eg: money transport). So the chance of me ever seeing a non-uniformed person with one is about 0.

    To answer the question, if I saw someone shooting it at a range and I was off duty I would just ask how he got it and why he has it. If I was on duty I would ask to see the license and then proceed to ask the curiosity questions.

    If I saw anyone not in uniform walking down the street with an automatic weapon I would call for backup and do the necessary to ensure it is legal.

    Some of you may find our actual firearms control act quite interesting, the link to the actual PDF is here: http://www.saps.gov.za/crime_prevent...of2000_eng.pdf


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      Originally posted by danp
      In that paper the department concludes that the second amendment without question protects an individual right.
      Well that would be just fine and dandy if the Attorney General was the one who made Supreme Court precedent. Under the Clinton administration, this very same memo written by Janet Reno (most attorney generals make their views known on how they and their administration interprets the law for their constituents,) was taking the side of the states rights to not have their National Guards regulated or interfered with by the federal government.

      Originally posted by danp
      Almost everyone is in the militia, by law. The Equal Protection clause of the 14th amendment expanded that to include women as well. So according to law every free able-bodied citizen between 18 and 45 is in the militia.
      Again, we


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        LoL, yeah I probably couldn


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          An armed individual is a citizen ,an unarmed one is a subject . I have no problem with citizens owning ANY type of firearm & wish it were mandatory. This thread's gotten way off the topic


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