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Disabilitys in LE/Academy


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  • Disabilitys in LE/Academy

    Just wanted to see how many of you had a certain disability. Say like a heart disease such as myself.

    Im healthy as a horse, but I do have a pretty good heart murmer that keeps me from running long distances and putting tons of stress by lifting a good amount of weight. Just to let you know also, I am from Massachusetts (GO SOX!!)

    I want to get into law enforcement pretty bad, and a good number of my friends work for the local county sheriffs office and a couple of local departments.

    The only thing that I worry about is that one, I'll get into the academy and utimately not be able to do it beyond my control and two, am I going to get into this and not be able to properly perform on the job (i.e. chasing or wrestling with a suspect.

    I am considering doing Brown Book classes here and get myself started on details. Im also a minor in Criminal Justice with a major in Business Admin.

    Any comments would help.......Thanks!

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    i am by no means a doctor, but sounds like you might not pass the physical exam, they dq people that are not "healthy" enough for the job and people that wont qualify for the pension program.

    not really the same situation, but a guy showed up at the academy i went to, his left arm was gimped up real bad, he could run, fight, so on, but he couldnt work a pump shotgun, do combat or tactical reloads, nor could he drive and talk on the mic at the same time *pursuit simulations*,, so he was dq'd.


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      I dont think Id be that bad.I shoot now, Im working towards my lisence to carry as we speak, well not as we speak, but Im in the process. I can run a mile pretty good, but I know they do a 5 mile run in the academy, that might be tough. I am an active hockey player so Im very active and I can wrestle with the best of them.

      My friends that are cops just keep telling me I'll have no problem, but I was just looking for more opinions.


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        well, like i said, i aint no doc, but my first thought would be the phys. exam, not the agility test, but the exam where they do all kinds of horible things to you, the reason for this is to see if you meet the standards set to be accepted by the pension system,, but again, i dont know, you might see if you can find a doctor that is framiliar with youre states pension and have him give you a physical,,then go from there, they test heart, lungs, blood, eyes, hearing, everything, i almost didnt pass due to asthma,, we got three attempts at the little blow in the plastic tube and make the ball raise thingy, i passed on the third attempt.


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          A heart murmur shouldn't keep you out (it didn't keep me out), but if it's so bad it's affecting your exersize that's probably going to DQ you.


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            You might look at something like CSI or negotiator.

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              If you can't do LE you might try being an investigator for your local solicitor/DA.


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                Disability in LE Academy.

                None of us are doctors, so it's really hard to give you a definite answer. If the Academy requires a five mile run, and you can't do it, that's a DQ. You may be hearing rumors. If so, try to avoid that, and get the facts. Basically, a heart murmur should not be a DQ condition, but obviously, that's not a final answer.


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                  The phyiscal here would rule you out.


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                    most departments I believe would DQ you because your condition might worsen as time goes on and they don't want the burden of high hospital bills and even disability retirement etc


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                      I've got to agree with Bodie. One third of my class got dq'd at the physical assesment. The class before mine lost about 2/3 to 3/4 of the class bacause of the assesment. I'm in perfect health, and I had to bust my a#* to get it in on time. Find out what your requirments are, then see your doctor. Then you'll know for sure. If you can't go, look for one of the other law enforcement jobs mentioned here. Good luck.
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                        Heres what I know from my own personal experiance;

                        Pre-exhisting injurys are a real pain in the *** when it comes to physcially demanding jobs, where they legally not hire you due to it. Getting hired is the hard part... If you can do everything to get hired, then you should have no problems. I know this becuase I have a jacked up knee due to HS and College football. I almost didnt pass the vertical jump part of my departments PT test. Once I was hired, it was a whole different ball game. I re-injured my knee durring the academy, and even though I did feel bad about it,(workmans comp) they were stuck with me and couldnt fire me. Not that they were going to, but it did run through my mind a couple of times...

                        Not sure if that helps you at all, but F* it, I tried...
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