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Another Newbie Q!!!


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  • Another Newbie Q!!!


    I have almost completed my associates degree, and alot of my professors (who are also cops) are recommendding securing a position before completing my 4 year degree. They say that with the amount of troops currently deployed overseas, we are likely to see a great influx of said persons into law enforcement when they return, thus making it that much harder for us to get a position without military experience and other LE experience?

    What is your take on this? I have started to watch some other forums and job listings, and quite of few of the suburban departments only require a H.S. diploma or GED. I have my diploma, and am already almost 1/2 way through college, and would definetly return to classes once I was off probation in a department.

    I have started to research the requirement for the PT aspect of the job in Illinois, and have started training for them.

    A couple questions: I have a screw that holds my femur into my hip that was put there when I was completing my growth as the leg was rotating. I can run without a problem, and haven't had any issues although, I am not as flexible as I should be because of this. In Illinois, part of the standards are the sit-and-reach test. If I am unable to "pass" or meet the requirement for this, am I automatically disqualified? For my age (21) I should be able to stretch 16" according to the standards. I am probably at around 10-12" prior to getting in shape and starting my workouts.

    Also, do you have to meet a certain weight, or do you simply need to be able to pass the PT testing?


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    Well you need to pass all the aspects of the tests. If you do not pass, you will not continue in there process. Also just practice and you sit and reach should increase, I was not that flexible but I practiced and now I can do it easily. You could also try out for corrections, that physical test is a breeze. Where are you from in Illinois?


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      If sit an reach is an issue, then try another department that doesn't require it. My department still tests our sit and reach, but it doesn't affect the hiring process. The problem they were having is that they would get a guy who could run, fight, bench 300+lbs, military experience, intelligent, etc....but then he wasn't flexible enough to pass the test and they'd wash him out. I don't know about you, but I'm glad they did away with them because some of the bigger/stronger guys aren't always the most flexible, but I'd want them coming to back me up in a fight.


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        Another Newbie Q

        Regarding the first part of your question. A liberal arts degree is usually a plus when applying to a LE agency. I personally wouldn't be too concerned with an influx of Iraq veterans any time soon. There are a considerable number of Guard and Reserve personnel who will return to LE jobs already being held for them. As far as you physical situation is concerned, I see a problem if you can't pass the state mandated physical requirements. Check with your physician and see if he/she can recommend some exercises that might assist you in meeting the physical agility . It's quite possible you can start an exercise routine that will help you pass the physical agility. Good luck.


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          I am from the area of the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights all within minutes. I am starting to work on PT and increasing flexibility.


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