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  • Oo-Freaking-Rah!!!!!!

    Hello everyone. my computer was KIA a few weeks back, so I haven't been able to get on here.

    Anyways, just spoke with my BI. I interview tomorrow with the Orange County Sheriff, and if he gives me the green light, I start my academy in 2 weeks!

    Wow! Came out of nowhere. The last two weeks I was told that I wouldn't make this academy, so I needed to plan on december. I wish I would have had more warning, I would have been doing a completely different workout. Yikes. Hope it's not too bad. I was in the Marine Corps and the Army, though I doubt that will help me out now Hopefully I have some other recruits with me that are a bit out of shape so I'm not the only one

    Anyways, to those who have helped me out answering questions and what not these last few months, thank you emensly. I really appreciate your time.

    Oh yeah.... GO ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again.

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    Congrats Scout,
    By the way as a Marine you will be able to adapt quickly to the enviroment you are in. (now as an army dog........ that side of you might hold you back ) Not to worry you do fine and bounce back in shape quickly.

    Congrats again,
    Semper Fi


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      LOL I hear you. I might just keep my background quiet, because a jarhead/army puke should be able to knock out some 8 counts like nothing. But a former coast guard reservist......

      Shoot, never mind. My freaking moto tats will kill that story.

      Thanks for the reply. Yippe, off to boot camp. AGAIN Oh well, first step towards making it happen. 6 months of pain, rewarded with 6 years of jails Yay!!!

      Thanks again devil dog.


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        Oo Freakin Rah

        Great going Scout. Yah, you're going back to MCRD in a lot of ways. You'll handle it okay. Semper Fi Marine, good luck!!


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          Scouts congratulations! Hopefully the academy goes quickly and that you aren't stuck in custody for too long.
          Hail hail the gang's all here, when the going gets tough I know my friends will still be there. - Drop Kick Murphys, "The Gang's all Here"


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            Thanks everybody.

            Didn't know there were so many Gyrenes around here

            PhillipCal said I'm going back to MCRD. Yippee LOL That's killing the euphoria a little bit.

            Oh well, how hard could boot camp be at 28


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              oo-rah and congrats. I wouldn't hide the the fact your a Marine, they'll be able to tell you were in the service. Brings back memories You'll fit in just fine


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                Congrat's Son. You made it through Boot Camp, you sure as hell can make it through the Academy now. All the former Marines on this board have faith in you to accomplish this in true Marine Corp's Sprit.

                Semper Fi Brother Bill


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                  Congrats bro, it shouldn't take much to get you back on the ball. You made it through the Corps you can make it through an academy, drive is all that it takes and you should still have that

                  Hell, I'm coming up on 32 and looking to go fed so I'm hopefully going to have to keep up with some young 20 something college kids soon, I feel your pain.

                  Start the running now so that you get the initial soreness out of the way. It helps to keep you from looking like the old man when you are limping around after PT.

                  Semper Fi

                  "there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter." Ernest Hemingway


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