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What annoys you about your dispatchers???


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  • What annoys you about your dispatchers???

    Well... I am one of them! But in the interest of improving myself, I'd like to ask the officers here: what do we do that really bugs you? ****es you off? how can we improve?

    For example, how do you feel about attending (obviously) mental health calls? Would you prefer that we noted that, for example, a "suspicious person" call may be false (due to mental health problems), or just let you figure it out when you're there?

    That actually happened the other night. All rants and raves welcome!

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    1) Don't say "stand by" to an officer who is calling so that you can get a "disorder" involving juveniles skateboarding in a parking lot dispatched.

    2) If you are call taking get all of the info that you can from the caller... "uh, yeah, ok, so there's a man with a gun, sure, we'll send some officers," "respond to a report of a man with a gun, no further description, refused caller."

    3) If you send a unit to a call in someone else's area and he is responding from across town and the area officer marks available while the other officer is enroute, re-dispatch the call to the area officer.

    4) If you have a telephone reporting officer or on-line reporting available for larcenies, vandalisms, etc refer the callers to these options unless they insist on meeting with an officer. We have these resources for a reason.

    I could keep going, but I'll save some room for others...
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      Your last point is interesting... we [dispatchers/call takers] do telephone reports for things such as those, including stolen cars. I can't imagine having an officer have to do those things! That seems awfully unproductive to me, I feel sorry for you guys!


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        How about spending half of you shift responding to a neighborhod that had 37 mailboxes knocked over last night with no witnesses, suspects, or evidence.
        "there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter." Ernest Hemingway


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          Oh boy you just opened up a big can or worms.

          Luckily the folks who dispatch for my town aren
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            So far so good with all my dispatchers but ONE! Just so happens to be the MALE one at that!

            I'm not sure how he expects me to be on two calls across town from each other at the SAME time! Then when I tell him, "I haven't cleared Call A" he gets mad, "Well then what's your status?" "Gee, uhm, that would be the ARRIVAL I called 60 seconds ago!"
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              The biggest problem I have with dispatch is when I call off on a traffic stop, I provide my location for a reason. Nothing irks me more then when I clear a stop dispatch asks "Where was that stop?".


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                1. When dispatch doesn't answer the raidio then tells an officer to stand by while they are on a hot call We had a detective yesterday that needed help on a narcotics violation involving three gang members. He called three times no answer then called again, dispatch said stand by we're switching. He finally got on the raidio and asked for help himself Then the new dispatcher got on and said to the det. what do you have at your location we just switched. Thank god he wasn't in a fight for his life. She finally got other units to him (many already were there because they were listening to the radio and knew something was up). Turned into posses w/ intent, and a HANDGUN VIOLATION.

                2. Please don't dispatch me to a suspicious person etc. far away when I am the only car in service (all others on calls etc.) If someone needs help I don't want to have a 20 min ride lights and sirens. Instead check with the supervisor and hold the call until a unit in that area clears.

                3.Don't get mad when I ask you to run a 29 on a subject. I know we can do it in the car, but by sitting in the car we are at a disadvantage if that subject wants to hurt us. Also if we get a hit on the subject we're gonna ask you to run him anyway. Same thing goes for a 27 and 28.

                4.Don't become aggrivated if we stop with another unit on a traffic stop, suspicious subject etc. I know they said they will advise. It takes a second to assign me with that officer and it provides greater officer saftey.

                5. Burglar alarms are not top priority calls.

                6. Get complete descriptions from callers.

                7. Don't bash other officers for their mistakes on the raidio. You can type them a message. You don't see other officers bashing you on the radio b/c if they do they will get an earfull from their supervisor.

                8. Remember this job is serious, its not a place to flirt with the cop you met last night at the bar.

                9. Sometimes we have to say stupid stuff on the radio just for the record. This is dept policy. Don't act like an idiot. "Why are you telling me that" just acknowledge and give the time. Trust me I don't want to say those stupid things just as you don't want to hear them.

                I am sure there are more, but thats enough for now. Trust me I know cops don't always use the radio the proper way either.

                Oh yeah, I would like to know all information about the call before arriving. That means if a mental lady calls in a wanted subject just say that in a nice way. "Unit # I know this caller to be 10-96, in the past they have called this in and the complaint was unverified."
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                  1) When I am in a vehicle or foot pursuit, listen when I call the streets and the direction of travel the first time... By the time I have to repeat myself chances are we are going a different way...

                  2) No excuse for Dead Air time, I dont care if you are switching dispatchers... It am still working

                  3) When I am calling a traffic stop out answer as quick as you can, I dont like sitting back in my vehicle on the radio why the violator is up in the vehicle stopped if I can help it...
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                    Originally posted by grw963
                    The biggest problem I have with dispatch is when I call off on a traffic stop, I provide my location for a reason. Nothing irks me more then when I clear a stop dispatch asks "Where was that stop?".
                    The other day I made a traffic stop. I stated my location, and the tag, then got out of the unit. After making contact with the driver, I went back to my unit and ran 43s and 44s. Dispatch then asked me to 10-9 my location and the tag!

                    I'm thinking "Why did you not ask me that BEFORE I went up to the stopped vehicle?"
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                      1. Dont ask me if can clear my call, and then when I do you give me a call in someone else's ward! (especially a report call)

                      2. As soon as I make scene, dont ask me if I need additional, because you have priority call (which turns out to be a burglary alarm or that 911 hang that goes out 3 times a night a that same vacant building)

                      3. Dont be surprised when you try to send me half-way across the city and I get special with a violater so that lazy *** can handle his own ward.


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                        1.) Keep it short and too the point. Use 10-codes every time there is one available. When that mic is keyed, there should be no dead air. There is nothing that will frustrate us more than when the air is tied up when we need to get through. Just like we are taught, think about what you are going to say before you key up.

                        2.) Stay professional on the radio. We have a dispatcher that has an extreme attitude problem on the radio. It is extremely unprofessional, not to mention annoying to us. Remember all the people out in scanner-land are listening.

                        3.) If you have a DVP or digital channel, limit usage of it. For us anyway, if we are not in our squads, we will not hear it.

                        These are pretty much all the problems I (and our other deputies) have with our dispatchers. We have some really great ones who do all of this and are well respected by us. We also have some really crappy ones.

                        Hopefully this helps!



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                          There is one thing we can do for our dispatchers:
                          After a odd/difficult/dangerous call, take a moment if you can to call them by phone and let them know the outcome! An occasional "thank you, that was good work" goes a long way.
                          And you can make it go a lot further if you let their supervisor know they did a good job. It's amazing how my calls got handled after I started doing this!
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                            1. If there are important updates to a call...especially something that can be potentially dangerous like domestics, please tell us. We can read the information on the computer, but we're also driving and trying to plan what we're going to do when we reach the call.
                            ex: There was a domestic where the daughter called and said mom and dad were fighting. We've been out there several times, just another one of those couples, but this time the call taker said noted in the call that she heard gun shots while the complainant was on the phone. The responded officers never received that information from the dispatcher and when they arrived there were two dead inside the house (luckily it was a murder/suicide not just a murder with the guy waiting for us).

                            2. Please acknowledge us when we call, even if we say we're on scene. We don't know if we got out on our radio because our portables and car radios are less reliable than the dispatchers.

                            3. Don't get annoyed when we repeat ourselves. Sometimes your traffic doesn't get to us.

                            4. We're more important than your TV show, dinner, or the joke your fellow dispatcher just told you.

                            Overall I'm nice to our dispatchers because they're the ones who determine whether or not I get a BS call at the end of the shift. Sometimes they annoy me and I'm sure I annoy them, but just keep everything professional.


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                              [QUOTE=RBrodowski]4. We're more important than your TV show, dinner, or the joke your fellow dispatcher just told you.

                              thats about all i would say. well put..


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