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    Hi guys, im a 17 year old guy that awhile back got my windows tinted (illegaly). My neightboor is a cop and recently said something to me about how i should lightin up the fronts. i have 5% limo on all but windsheild. He told me officer safty, and personal safty where the 2 best reasons too. While i completly agree with him, im just wondering how you guys treat traffic stops with cars like mine, do u make the suspect exit their car, do u often search their car more often then an untinted one.

    also, a while back, on my last car i had 20% (lighter then 5%) on my fronts and was puled over late at night cause of it. but i rolled my windows down and completely follwed orders and was respectful to the officer and he gave me a warning. is this what you would do?

    thankyou for your help

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    ***NOT LEO***

    listen dude, Im planning on being a cop and drive a flashy car. Its a lose-lose situation. Its mainly the officers discretion if they want to bother with it or not but eventually you will get nailed for it. 5% was definetly the wrong way to go. U can have the back windows 5% but your not allowed to have any on the front doors. I had 35% to match my stock tint and eventually got nailed for it , you can pay the fine and just leave it on or just take it off.

    as far as procedure .. If I was in an officers position .. Id be a little sceptical .. even though we know were good people .. they dont.


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      The legal limit for tint where I work is 70%, basically anything added onto factory is illegal. You can have the back windows as dark as you want, but not the front.

      As for me I work night shift. I like to see what is going on in a vehicle as I approach. Nothing makes me more nervous than approaching those big passenger vans with no side windows, or the tinted windows you cant see anything inside.

      Even given that I think it is more dangerous to ask the person to step out of the vehicle. Unless you have backup right with you. Your at a tactical advantage with the violator inside his vehicle. That is why if you ever get out of your car on a traffic stop and the officer didnt ask you to... be ready to probably have your head bit off.

      You acted right to roll down your windows all the way and treat the officer with respect. If you really want to score points turn on your dome light and wait with your hands on the steering wheel. When I ask you for your documentation tell me where it is before you reach in the glove compartment, under the seat or in your coat pocket for it...

      On a side note you can do what you wish, I would encourage you to remove the tint from the vehicle and make it in compliance with your states specifications. Over time it could get pretty expensive because of tickets and the hassle of getting stopped at night... we look for any reason we can to stop cars...

      Good luck!
      Retired 02/01/13


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        35 % here 50% is illegal and an easy ticket and repeat offense an impound.


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          My rule: If I can't see you, you get a ticket.


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            officer safety.. dark windows and movement.. you are more likely to have a gun pointed at you by a few officers
            also if you got in an accident and were sued it could be used against you (some lawyers would try try)


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              Law pretty much same in all 50 States.
              Easy ticket to write and second offense will bring stiffer fine.
              So it's not just I'll pay the $50 every time sort of deal here.


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                there are actually a few states that allow tinted windows in the front.


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                  I never got the appeal. I like to see where I am going even if it is dark. I suppose I can understand in a limo or something, but for the most part what the heck are you doing in your car that others cannot see? Whatever it is, is probably illegal.
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                    Some states allow you to have darker windows if you have something from a doctor that says you need it. I've had friends that had legal, fairly dark tint.


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                      The dark tints will eventually get you stopped and possibly cited. Florida allows 28% on the windows next to the driver 15% on the rear windows. None below the "AS-1" line on the windshield.


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