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  • Cardiac Testing

    I have not posted in awhile, but in prior posts, I told you that my 22 year old son is a college educated pilot. He is being *romanced* by the US Marshal's office as well as the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, etc. to go into their air wing divisions.

    I have read about the various physical agility testing, etc. as well as the stress testing.

    My question is: When my son was 16, after many episodes of extremely high heart rates and blacking out, was determined to suffer from SVT (Supra-Ventricular Tachycardia) where he was found to have had an abnormal electrical path in the heart.

    He underwent surgery, simliar to that of an angioplasty where they went through a vein in the groin to the heart and *scarred* the abnormal path with high frequency radio waves. He has been fine ever since. With the blessing of the Electrophysiologist who performed the surgery, my son is just fine and the FAA gave their blessing for him to be a pilot.

    Will this have any bearing at all on his chances of becoming a Marshal or in any other LEO endeavor he may choose?

    Trust me, it was the scariest thing, as a mother, I have ever been through in my life. In order to determine the severity of the situation, during surgery, they shot him with adreneline to throw him into one of these episodes. His heart rate jumped to 240! The surgeon advised us prior to surgery that if the heart rate did not come down on its own, they would stop the heart and restart it with paddles. UGH. Thank God, it resumed normal function on its own.

    I guess I am just worried that this might be a detriment in his future in law enforcement? But with the FAA approving him medically fit for flight status, maybe not?



    PS: After gobs of research on this issue, doctors believe this may have much to do with athletes, especially the younger ones in high school, that drop dead on the football field or basketball court, or wherever, from this same medical condition.
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    Cardiac Surgery

    I had tripple by-pass surgery seven years ago,and just retired from active duty with the Alabama Department of Public Safety. From what you posted, your son has come through his procedure(s) with flying colors, and is probably good to go with most law enforcment agencies. I cannot speak for any particular agency, and a final determination of fitness for duty will rest with their Doctors, enforcing their medical standards,but it sounds like your son is in pretty good shape. That's something to be thankful for whatever his decision. Hope this helps. I have an idea of what you went through as a parent.


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      Thanks PhillipCal. My thoughts are everything will be fine, just a little nerve wracking to say the least. Yes, as a parent, it was extremely difficult to go through, but thank God, he had an awesome Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist who found and corrected the problem right away, before it was too late! We actually had the option of the surgery to correct the problem or my son being on Atenelol for the rest of his life. We opted for the surgery immediately, even though there were all the scary difficulties that could have arisen, but didn't. I guess you could also have that with the medications with side effects.

      Thanks for resoponding.



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