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Can a cop be color blind?


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  • Can a cop be color blind?

    Im just gonna get straight to the point. I have some red/green color blindness and was wondering if I could become a cop. And for those who don't know what color blidness is it's not like I can't see colors, it's just sometimes I don't see the same color as you do. I actually talked to a representative from a police station at a Police convention and I asked her the question, can you have color blindness and become a cop? She said well as far as I know, we have a colorblind cop in our department. So if anyone can help answer my question I'd appreciate it. Btw I live in NJ.

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    Can a cop be color blind?

    I am.


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      Yes you can. Not all local agencies even check for it. They usually only check your basic colors red, green and yellow; and I am sure you can see these when they are not jumbled up. I do know that if your applying for the feds they will check and they'll use something called the Ishara color plates (circle with a number and a bunch of dots). I took this test for my faa medical certificate and failed. I was then given an alternate "light" test. it was a box that would flash red, green and amber. I passed that.
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        not a cop, so had to delete...
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          I can deffinitely see amber, green and red with no problems. It's just certain shades of green and red that I cannot see. Thanks for your input.


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            Eye Test

            I would go to my local eye doc and have him give you every test under the sun to see what your numbers are. I would then contact personnel departments at agenicies you are interested in to see if you meet their requirements.


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              In my dept you could not. -We are given a test to check for color blindness.


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                It will vary from agency to agency. For general concerns regarding this issue check out:

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