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    I'm currently working toward becoming a police officer but was arrested last weekend after an altercation and was charged with simple assault. Trial is set for next month and I think it will be dismissed but, if I'm stuck with the simmple assault charge (misdemeanor), will it disqualify me from being a cop. Will it still hurt me in any way if the charges are dropped?
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    Yes, if you're found guilty, the charge will hurt your chances of being a cop. If they are dropped, you'll still be asked about it, so be ready to tell the truth.
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      once yr been finger printed,....their is no way to hide that from a police agency...be truthful.

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        If you've recently been arrested, and the charge is dismissed, you'll have alot of explaining to do to a background investigator. Like the other response indicated..be truthful and explain everything.

        You may want to wait a year or two before applying w/ some agencies.

        Good Luck.


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          Even with a dismissal the arrest will hurt.


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            In either case, time of incident is going to be against you
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              I am wondering that knowing you were trying to become a cop you could not walk away before the incident became a police matter and you got arrested.

              That is the question you would be asked in an interview.

              And it's almost at 95% possibility that since you did not walk away and avoid the incident you won't get hired.


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                The best case scenario is you might be hired after you let a few years pass by. You need to put some time between the incident and attempts to get hired.

                Even after time, it's still going to hurt you.


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                  Got arrested

                  You did yourself absolutely no good. You can be certain that if you apply, and if you make it to the background investigation phase of the hiring process, you'll be questioned very closely concerning the arrest.


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                    Every place I know of in Washington you'd have a very hard time getting hired even if the charges were dismissed. By getting into the altercation and being charged you showed a lack of restraint that most departments will not like.


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                      I know I am screwed and it was my own fault. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a cop if I let myself get into this situation. But the fact is, this jackass was staring at my girlfriend as we were walking out of a show, he was this big fat doorman guy and he is just ogling her right in front of us. I got ****ed and told him "what the f-ck you lookin at" and the guy pushes me hard, I almost fell. Soon as I got my bearings I admit I cracked him twice in the face before all his buddies wrapped me up and it was all over.

                      Cops come, listen to my story, I got one witness on my side sayin exactly what happened. But of course after they go talk to the doorman and his buddies who happen to be the security detail of the place, they arrest me and not the doorman.

                      Even the cop taking me in was telling me that if it was his decision he would have arrested both of us if the doorman wanted to press charges. But it wasn't so now I'm screwed. Hopefully the charges do get dropped, but it would be even better if I could press charges on the other guy because he assaulted me first, I was defending myself. It'd be a lot easier to explain later on I'm sure if I could say the other guy was charged for the fight. Anybody know if thats possible?
                      In certain situations the sword works better than the pen.


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                        I have to go the other way with this one. 5yrs prior to becoming LE, I was arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Assault and Injury to Property (a shirt, from the fight)

                        All charges were dropped except the Disorderly (Mutual Fight)

                        I was asked, I answered, I was hired. The thing I had going for me, was being up front, not having a history of the same (or any other) and allowing time to pass. Time is the most important for you right now.... Just gonna have to wait, and stay clean.
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                          Seriously, that pic is disturbing.
                          In certain situations the sword works better than the pen.


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                            Originally posted by noobs
                            But the fact is, this jackass was staring at my girlfriend as we were walking out of a show, he was this big fat doorman guy and he is just ogling her right in front of us. I got ****ed and told him "what the f-ck you lookin at"
                            You're how old again? I think the last time I saw someone get offended over something like that was in high school...


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                              An arrest will hurt you big time in the hiring process, but it doesn't eliminate you. From story you told, I understand you were upset with the doorman, but if you have an attractive girlfriend this is going to happen. By starting the conversation with your statement, a fight was unavoidable. Take a few years to let the situation pass, then explain your actions. Next time get control of yourself and let it pass. Hey, at least you know your girlfriend is good looking. As far as the doorman being arrested, in the area I work in you can go to the court and fill out an application for a warrant or sumonse to charge him. Technically that was an assault. Why do you think your charges won't stick?


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