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Is carrying a pocket knife in your car legal?


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  • Is carrying a pocket knife in your car legal?

    Just a thought that occured while roaming this site. I have a pocket knife (medium size) that I carry in my car in the glove area. I have had it for years and never gave much thought to it but now wonder, is that allowed?

    Also, if I can get a second question in, it is not uncommon for me to have various research articles in my car that if seen by an officer (if I got pulled over or something) may raise a question. No, nothing illegal or porn, more about EDP's, suicide prevention, types of drugs used most in substanse abuse etc. I only ask this after reading a thread on this site about people with certain bumper stickers so I wondered if certain things in your car would also create tension. Thanks

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    1) in NC, you could technically be charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Unlikely, but could. If you choose to carry it in your glove box, you better remember to tell the Officer of its presence there if/when opening the glove box. Better yet, tell him/her at the time of the stop out right, they will/should appreciate your upfront response.

    2) I guess it depends on WHY you carrying that literature. Are you in the field? Are you a student? Or just simply interested in reading about it? I don't see where it would be a "flag" of illegal behavior per se, but would certainly raise a question or two from the Officer. I don't see it as a big deal (speaking in my City if I stopped you, of course).

    Hope that helps!
    Charlie 31, HPPD

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      Thanks for the info. I had never given the knife thing much thought until reading some stuff on this site. I think I will just remove it from the car all together to be safe. The reading is mainly for my own interest and research. Pehaps that should go in a briefcase as well. I prefer to prevent problems than cause them when I can. Thank you.


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        Depends. You probably should put it in the trunk or the house.


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          Depends on what State your in. I have been known to carry an M4gery in the front seat of my truck here in GA.


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            Originally posted by Norm357
            Depends on what State your in. I have been known to carry an M4gery in the front seat of my truck here in GA.
            My Mossberg has a permanent residence behind the seat of my truck.


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