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  • what will they ask

    I have 2 misd on my record, I am a cond hire with a dept in WV. I have to interveiw with the head of CJ to find out if I can go to the academy. What type of questions will they ask? One charge was threating and the other was reckless endangerment, both at the same time in CT. Thanks

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    What will they ask?

    You can be certain they'll ask about the circumstances of both charges, and I suggest you be able to tell them all they want to know. Whether or not the charges will be DQs, is hard to say, not knowing all the details. I do know that if you fail to fully disclose any prior arrests, that failure will DQ you.


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      I could see them asking :"how long ago was this?", "what was the threat exactly & where were you when you made it" Did you plan on carrying out the threat" "who was the threat made to" "What was your sentence?" "Did you learn anything from this? If so, what?" "How did you endanger this pperson?" "How have you curtailed your anger since?" "Do you still have contact with this person?" "What did the person do to anger you so?" "Was their behavior typical of what angers you?" "Was this a result of domestic violence?". I think you can see where all this is leading & could come up with a few questions of your own.


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        thank you guy so much


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          And don't lie....

          Never lie about anything, assume they already know all about it (because they probably do). Integrity issues are automatic DQ's.
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            It is quite common in law enf., "usually" you can work out mistakes or such that you do (given the circumstances), but will NEVER win with lying if caught. I have seen Officers under the gun (pardon the pun) for major issues, and not get in trouble for that, but rather for lying about it. G'luck to you!
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