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How can we/you deal with the depression?


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  • How can we/you deal with the depression?

    Maybe I just catch the wrong guys, but it seems like so many cops are down on life. I understand the stuff they work with. You can't really blame them. What can be done about it though? I was in San Jose the other night for a show (music). There was a SJPO there in the parking lot of the venue the whole night. I was walking by him and I stopped and said "hello officer." Then I asked him if he knew someone that worked for the department. A friend of my family's who I have been on a ride along with. He treated me like I was a punk. Not saying anything offensive, but just seemed like he was wondering why I was talking to him and he replied with short answers in a dull voice. Why can't they be happy?! hah

    But for real? What can be done for them? On days when you were feeling down, was there anything that picked you back up emotionally by way of an average citizen??
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    I don't think it's because they are down on life. I think it's more because in our business, everyone lies to us and rarely are people nice unless they have an angle. I'm always nice (and even happy) to people when I initiate the conversation (enforcement stops not included). When people just come up to me out of the blue, my Spidey senses start to tingle. We hear the same lame jokes, or "hey do you know Bob?" followed by, "oh... I can't remember his last name, but ....."

    I guess I am very sinical of people. Not sure if that's all bad. But in MY inner circcle of friends/family/associates Iam a very happy go lucky fella.


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      You've hit on a BIG problem in police work -depression. Offs. deal with it just like most anyone else-badly. Seriously, hobbies,meditation,religion,family,drinking are just some ways.You have to understand,most offs. see only the bad side of people so rarely do they want to be around them if they don't have to. While you're at a concert the off. you tried to speak to probably was working off-duty or overtime so he could support his family ( San jose is expensive) so here he is trying to make aliving while evreyone around him is having a good time!


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        not depressed, just jaded

        I think most of us get jaded, cynical, even bored. After a number of years in this business, it's like...been there, done that. Besides, it's always the same comments from the (well-meaning) public. "Do you know my cousin? he's a cop in (name any town in the state)?" Or I really love it when you walk into any place and you hear "I didn't do it." How clever is that? What are we supposed to do? laugh at it as though it were funny? My standard reply is "you know, that was funny for the first 3000 times I heard it."
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          I can cause somebody to get terribly depressed.
          It's the nature of the world we live in. It's real. It's dirty and cruel.
          You need to really be off duty when your off duty. Relax, have a hobby, stay away from the job when off.


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