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  • oral boards???

    I just passed the written and physical abilities test with a local department, and the next phase is the interviews. I have heard from other officers that they have asked what their weakness if any may be. if this comes up what should I say? I don't speak another language, and my only reserve exp. has been working in a jail not on the road which I am applying for. If anybody has gone through a group interview how was that and any helpful tips for this type of interview? Any other tips that you might have I would take them.

    Thanks Perks

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    Just be honest about what you TRULY feel is your weakness. In my oral board, I said I was worried that the first 3 years of my job history would hurt me (This was in response to my weakness compared to other applicants). There was a few jobs that I worked for only a number of days. I was honest, and told them that I didn't know what the heck to do with my life at that point. When I finally figured it out, I entered college, which I would imagine showed them that I did have the ability to commit to something, being that they hired me. When I was asked what my personal weakness was, I said that I'm a perfectionist, and I can occasionally become restless until something has been completed. Then I told them that "I've worked on this by increasing my patience in making myself understand that not everything should and can be completed right when I want it to, nor does it have to be perfect."

    By doing it like that, I state what my issue is and what I'm doing to fix it. Whatever your weakness is, make sure you let them know what you're doing to improve upon it.

    Just be honest about what you really think is your weakness in terms of being hired/personal weakness.
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      ok i will remeber that. Thanks for the info!


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