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Off-Duty Police powers/ right to carry


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  • Off-Duty Police powers/ right to carry

    for example. let's say an off duty cop witnesses a robbery in progress. Can he/she pull a gun on the suspect? What exactly should he do? What if its a petty crime, let it go?

    How many cops here carry a firearm when offf duty? how many even own a gun other than the one carry while in uniform?

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    We have full police power and authority off-duty which includes the authority to carry a firearm.

    An off-duty officer's response to a witnessed crime is determined by sound logic and common sense. The best response may be to simply be a first-rate witness. An off-duty or plain clothed officer has to be cognizant of his/her ability to effectively respond to a threat and the possibility of being mistaken for a bad guy.


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      Off-duty police powers-right to carry

      Tenn-Six gave you an excellent answer. Additionally, much will depend on an individual agency's policy regarding off-duty carry. Alabama DPS "Strongly encourages " officers to carry off-duty, but does not require it. Individual Officer judgement plays a major and determining role in deciding whether or not to take action in the event of a crime taking place in his presence while he's off-duty.


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        Once you get out of the "Peoples Democratic Republic of Taxachusetts", you will find that lots of officers own lots of guns.

        And lots of us choose to carry off duty, because I have yet to find exactly when the 1,000 or so folks I put in Federal Prison will all be "off duty".
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          I always carry off duty, if I'm out of the house I'm armed.

          As far as getting involved in a crime in progress my personal view is if it's not an active shooter, a threat to me or my family, or a rape in progress I'm staying out of it.

          I'll be a good witness.


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            I always carry off-duty I will feel naked without it.


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              In Texas a Peace Officer is technically "on duty" 24/7/365 and is bound by law to act. BUT descretion is given to the nature of the circumstances ie: if you're with your wife/children, then you may put them in harm's way by interjecting yourself into the situation by using force. However, in that situation you are expected to be a witness. As far as carrying off duty, I'm bad about it, only carrying some of the time when it should be all of the time.
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