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    Thank you for your replies and I did read the first time about that it was a crime; however, that was not the question?


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      This was your exact post..

      Originally posted by jessiangel22
      I just graduated from College and I will be applying to several departments around the LA area. My question is when I was 16 years old I was caught drinking at a park with a few of my friends. The officers took us back to the station and wrote as a ticket. My parents and I attended court and I was given 300 hours of community service. I learned my lesson and it never happened again. My question is, many departments ask if you have ever been commited of a crime? will this be consider one and if not do I have to disclose this incident at any part of the process?
      Thank you

      And whenever someone answered they said one word YES If you get disqualified for lying to background investigator ONLY once, your chances to get into any other police department are slim to NONE.


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        Yes, its a crime, but no, its not a big deal. Just tell the truth. Trust me, BI's have heard EVERYTHING...when you tell him about your MIP, he won't even flinch. He might just ask you a couple questions and it might get brought in the oral, thats it. Now, if you choose not to tell him...you can watch your LE career fade away into the wind when the BI finds out from someone else.


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          You'll be fine. Just put it down on the application and if you don't, be SURE to list it on the PHS and tell your BI.

          I would not list it on the application (you are not supposed to list things as a juvenile UNLESS it is a part I or part II type criminal act)

          I WOULD tell the BI and put this in the PHS.
          ''Life's tough......it's tougher if you're stupid.''
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