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How do they "find out about everything?"


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  • How do they "find out about everything?"

    Aside from the unreliable machine that we call the polygraph. How can people learn everything about you? Do people around here just say that to intimidate and hope it will weed out the bad LE candidates or is there truth to your statements? I don't know much about the hiring process and the extensive background check. Aside from your criminal history, they really won't find out the things that no body knows about, or will they? I'm just curious, I'm not trying to cover up my oh so dark past or anything. :makes evil grin:

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    It's like this, if you conceal something you should have been forthright with and it's discovered you're punted.

    So, with this knowledge if you attempt to conceal something after being interviewed by one or more people (remembering that these people are used to dealing with liars and know how to catch people at it) are you going to trust your family, friends, ex-friends, co-workers, teachers, employers, neighbors, past police reports, and officers not to reveal something that you are trying to hide?

    About 5-6 years ago dumbass brother inlaw was pulled out of the police academy in Ontario a month after he was hired for lying on his application. He was a bouncer and had been charged for an assault (no convictions), and had one unfounded sex-assault investigation. He was a bit a player and some gal got upset and made a false complaint.

    So, when it came to the little box asking if he had been charged with anything he always ticked off, "Yes" and it seemed to kill his application. So, when it came to the last department he ticked off, "No" that he hadn't been charged with anything. Well, because it was 10 years or so in the past and he wasn't finger printed it didn't show up right away. Then oneday while he was in the academy a police officer that knew his past saw him and that was it, done like dinner.

    You can try and conceal things, and you might be successful for a while, but sooner or later it will catch up too you.


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      I gotcha. Thanks.


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        Depending on the department, you will be surprised how much they can find out. Of course if its just something that you yourself know, then maybe, but i'll give you a little story of my brother that happened a few years back. He had already met twice with FBI background investigators, and everything went well, but one day he got a call to come back down for a third interview. They started asking about a girl he had gone to prom with in his junior year of high school, and that the only reason they were asking was because her parents were from Iran. My brother had no clue how they even found out, never thought to mention it because it was only one date ect.., yet they found it. It didn't hurt him, and he passed everything, but still, if the department your going for really wants to find out everything, most of the time they can.


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          They will : Talk to Neighbors Current and Former
          Talk To Employers Current & Former
          Talk to Friends Current & Former
          Talk To Teachers
          Talk To Ministers

          Access Federal Court Records (Bankruptcy)
          Credit Bureaus
          Driving Records
          Court Records Civil & Criminal
          Police Records Where you live and where you have lived.

          They will talk to Family


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            when i got hired in 1983,

            ithink all i did was put down 3 or 4 references,
            who happened to be my grand fathers frinds and mine that knew me from
            when i was a lil kid til adult.

            all my dirty deeds done dirt cheap were in illinois,
            other than contacting my employers....that was it for me.

            some go the extra mile, and look up yr kindergarten record...

            varies from agency to agency.....


            now officially celebrating 22 yr on the job as of today.......
            " if you talk in your sleep, don't mention my name....
            " if you walk in your sleep, forget where you came....


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              How do they find out about everything?

              By very thoroughly investigating each and every statement you make on your application. A Background investigation is just that. A Background investigation. Regarding your comment about the polygraph. I'm no fan of the device myself, but it's merely an investigative tool. It can assist a BI in determining just how far to go in assessing your truthfulness on the application. All of us have said time and time again, honesty is the best policy.


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