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Can I call OSHA?


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  • Can I call OSHA?

    As I work in a PRIVATE Treatment Facility, we are always understaffed. Majorly Understaffed.

    The company has changed Policies numerous times in the past few years, and now, they have made it so that we, the staff, do not even have the tools to use so we can do our jobs.

    I work with Juveniles, and most are placed there by their counties P.O'S or Judges.

    The work enviroment is now UNSAFE, even for staff.

    What can I do, who can i call?

    I just dont know what to do now....a little help here would surely be appreciated.

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    I don't think OSHA is the proper agency to contact, but maybe they can refer you.. I would contact which ever agency in the state of Indiana that certifies the facility to continue to operate, or someone in state juvenile justice.
    I'm sure your facility has to be inspected at some point to remain open to accept "clients"; contact those people.


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      Mr. King,

      You would need to be more specific in what your complaint is to determine if OSHA should be notified. The first questions is has a specific OSHA regulation under 29 CFR, or an OSHA standard or directive been violated. If not, then OSHA is probably not the right place. However, OSHA has what is called the "general duty clause" that basically says that an employer bears the responsibility to protect it's workers from hazards that it should have been aware of, even if there is no specific regulation governing the activity. This is OSHA's catch-all to cover what it does not specifically address.

      Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 requires that every working man and woman must be provided with a safe and healthful workplace. The section, more commonly known as the General Duty Clause, specifically states:

      "Each employer shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees."

      FWIW, I am a Certified Safety Professional that is a part-time LEO, so I actually might have some credibility here!


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        We house Juveys from the surrounding states, as well as many from our own state.

        to best describe my facility, we are a secure facility, (doors are secured either by keylock or Magnets), We have Case Managers as well as a year round school that is accredited by the NCA.

        "Group treatment" is daily, except weekends.

        I don't believe there is another facilty of this type anywhere in the world.

        The problem is, that even though we are trained in CPI amoung other things, as of very recently, Corporate has stopped staff from being able to use it, for the most part.

        Most of the Juveniles we get are Gang Kids, Sexual Predators, as well as CHINS (Children in Need of Services) who could very well simply have no other place that would take them.

        Staff has been fired for things like telling the Juveys to "Shut Up", "Shut your Pie Hole", "Knucklehead". No I am not kidding.

        Fights between the Juveys are more and more frequent, and they are also starting to become more and more aggressive towards staff members, who are overworked and tired, and now, unable to physically intervene.


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          Unfortunately what you are describing might be management's attempt to avoid civil lawsuits, but is not an OSHA violation. If management incompetence was a violation, OSHA would be the richest government agency in history!


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            This is becoming a "riotous" type of situation. Management could very well be
            attempting to avoid some kind of civil suits, I really dont know. However, since the Job itself, is becoming more and more dangerous, Because of management policy changes, who would have jurisdiction on this type of thing?

            Residential Services in Title IV-E approved facilities
            Detention Services
            Full Continuum of Services
            Family and Group Therapy
            Diagnostic Services
            Montly Reports/Court Reports
            Accredited Education
            Recreational Therapy
            Medication Issues Addressed
            Discharge/Aftercare Planning
            Juvenile residential housing
            Transportation Services
            Aftercare Coordination
            Teen Mother/Baby Programs
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