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  • Xd??

    How reliable is the Springfield XD? I am going to buy one soon if it is a good gun. Also, 9mm or the .40 caliber. thanks alot

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    The XD is a very reliable gun. I have had the 9mm subcompact for ccw use for over a year. I bought it about a year after I retired. I was going to get a Glock, another fine gun, but after shooting 3 different subcompacts of various calibers, I found a Glock wasn't for me.

    A lot of people familiar with a 1911 find the XD a good fit, both in ergonomics and the grip safety. I liked the ambi mag release (lefty), steel mags and sights, the feel of the gun and the accuracy.

    There are those (primarily those really crazy Glock owners who think Glock is the ONLY gun to have) who say the XD has a rust problem. The finish on the Glock IS better than the XD, but there isn't a rampant rust problem with the XD. Most of us have never experienced it and for those who have, SA offers a lifetime warranty. (there is actually 1 subforum devoted to that).

    I'd recommend going to www.hs2000talk.com. This is a site devoted to the XD in all of its calibers/sizes (SC,4"&5"). It's even in a 45gap like Glock.

    FYI, the gun is made in Croatia and is known as a HS2000 everywhere but in the U.S. Springfield Armory bought the distribution rights for the U.S. and it's called the XD (Xtreme Duty). I highly recommend going to the sight and the gun, in whatever model/cal you buy. You won't be sorry.

    Almost forgot: The caliber really isn't all that important in my opinion in this case. 9 is less expensive and that means you probably would shoot it more and get more practice in. I would go to a range, rent the both cal. in the size you want: Tactical, Service or SC and shoot a couple of 100 rounds. See how you handle the recoil, muzzle flip, how fast to return to target, fatigue, etc.

    Shoot it in practice ammo hollow points (Winchester White Box at Wal Mart is inexpensive for both 9/40. Also, shoot whatever defensive ammo you will be using, since it probably will be more "powerful" than the practice stuff. After all that, then you can probably make an intelligent choice, but remember, placement is really more important than caliber. Whatever you decide, practice, practice and then practice some more; your life might depend on it.

    One last thing re ammo choice: Go to
    www.tacticalforums.com. See the Terminal Effects Forum, then go to the top where it says days and change it to 75, click GO and go to 2nd page. Scroll to LE Gel Testing April 2005. Great info on brands/calibers.

    Sorry this is long, but I try to be thorough.
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      Thanks for being thorough! that really helped alot. thanks again


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        Originally posted by alkalinerephlux
        Thanks for being thorough! that really helped alot. thanks again
        You can go to "Firearms" Section also and you'll find some more info about XD. I posted some of my own tidbits there.
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          I've had one for about a year and a half and it's fired well for me. I've not had a misfeed in about 5,000 rounds of winchester range ammo.


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