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DQ'ed: Trying again at the same agency?


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  • DQ'ed: Trying again at the same agency?

    In a nutshell...

    Six years ago when I was in graduate school I finally decided to pursue a lifelong dream to become a LEO. I wanted to move out west, and I applied and was hired with the Washington State Patrol. I started the academy, and being young and homesick, left about a month into the academy. BIG RED FLAG, I know, I know.

    Moving back home, I applied to be a city cop about a year later. I passed the initial interview, fitness test and lie detector, no problems. I was then DQ'ed for no apparent reason, though I know that happens. It was a weird situation, as I had been called in and scheduled for the next step, and then the department abruptly DQ'ed me. No harm done, I didn't pursue an explanation and I moved on. Fast forward five years. I have reapplied with the same city agency. Now I have five years of solid work experience, have completed my masters degree, will be married soon and still have an exemplary background (no criminal record, great driving record, good credit, good references, etc.). I was told that I was able to reapply, and I'm waiting to start the second step in the process.

    The detective that is in charge of my application stated that she thought she wouldn't have access to my old application records, so it was virtually a redo from the beginning. I really don't care if she has access to my old records, but without knowing what DQ'ed me the first time, I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    I would love some thoughts from current LEO's, particularly folks who work with hiring. Do I really have a chance after a previous DQ, and is it possible that my file is blank from my previous application? Are there laws that require some departments to block access to applications after so many years?

    Thanks for ALL you guys and gals do!!!

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    It's not an auto-DQ, but it's going to be very hard to overcome. An agency doesn't want to spend $50,000 to train you if they don't think you can commit.


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      They feel you are a "flight" risk. I scored very high on a small departments tets and went all the way to interview with the Chief. He knew he had a lousy agency and lokked at me and said (I would hire you but you won't stay)

      I was better off because within 30 months had a much better agency hire me.


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        I disagree. Six years is a substantial amount of time from when you applied to an agency in a far distant land at a very young age. I understand exactly how you felt and the reasoning of coming back "home".

        "Now I have five years of solid work experience, have completed my masters degree, will be married soon and still have an exemplary background (no criminal record, great driving record, good credit, good references, etc.)." That is an excellent background and will be to your advantage when interviewing. If they bring up the fact that you left a department 6 years ago, explain exactly how you did on this board and how things have changed since then.

        But again, I don't think you would have a problem with so much time being placed between the incident and now. If they don't choose you, I would definetly consider applying to other agencies.

        Good luck,



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          Agreed. It's very expensive to hire someone...backgrounds...psych tests...physicals, etc. If they think you will bail on them, they figure you aren't worth the expense.

          If all else is as you say it is, I still think you should be okay. With the background you have explained, you are more qualified than 75 % of the current applicants.

          Make sure that they know you are genuinely serious about a career with them, and that you have every intention of staying.

          Good luck
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            Thanks for the good thoughts and advice.

            I found this site a few weeks ago, and it has been humbling to see the experiences that some folks have been through to get offer for employment, even when they have seemingly great backgrounds. I thought my DQ five years ago was a death blow, but apparently it happens to a lot of folks, and they still end up as great LEO's down the road.

            My two experiences were so different. WSP was straight forward, extremely professional, easy for out-of-state candidates, etc. They took me through the ringer with the polygraph and background investigation, as they did with each hopeful. I was humbled when I got the offer. At that time they were hiring 3% of folks who applied. If they didn't find anything horrible in my background, I can't imagine what the local agency found. Then again, maybe it was too soon to have any faith that I would stick it out, and I can understand that. Each cadet is a huge expense.

            This time I am applying for a few agencies at the same time-three PD's, one sheriff's dept. and one state wide investigative agency. I hope that someone will see the value that I can bring to the job and give me the opportunity...

            Thanks again!!!


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              Trying again at same agency.

              Bad, but obvious news. You didn't do yourself any good leaving the WSP Academy. That said, I'd definitely re-apply. From what you posted, you've accomplished quite a bit in the past few years. Be totally honest on the application, and in any subsequent interviews. If this city agency is the department you want to spend the next 20-25 years with, go for it!! If they turn you down, apply elsewhere. You're not the first person who's made a less than perfect choice. Good luck.


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