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Am I disqualified for good?


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  • Am I disqualified for good?

    My concern comes in with prior drug usage. I was a minor when I experimented with several different types of drugs. Mainly it was pot, but some cocaine, speed, and lsd. I have called many of the local departments and asked if that was a problem and all have stated that my usage of cocaine, and speed was not a problem but the lsd is an immediate disqualifier. I live in Texas and was wondering if that is a state law or just a department decision. I currently have 60+ college hours and just started working on my criminal justice degree, but if I cant be a police officer I would rather change majors to better suit a different career.

    I am 23 yrs old, I have not touched a drug in over 5 years and have no plans on going back. Another thing I have noticed is that each department is different so I looked into the Chapter 5 Minimum standard of T.E.C.L.O.S.E. but was unavailable to find anything.

    Strangely enough it has been suggested by several law enforcement officers I have explained the situation to that I should just lie about the LSD due to the disqualification part, I would rather do whats right but I would also like to be a Police Officer.

    Any comments suggestions anything welcome.

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    You should pursue a degree in a non LE field regardless. It is always better to have it to fall back on.

    It is an agency specific thing, however I know alot of agencies would get passed the cocaine itself.

    Keep trying, you may find one that sees your change as a character trait, rather than the past usuage as a flaw.
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      Prior Drug usage.

      oddly enough the departments dont care about anything expect the lsd,


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        I think your odds of being hired are slim to none. Some states you can't ever be an officer because of the cocaine and LSD. Sorry.


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          I don't think you'd stand much of a chance, I know in my department, anything more than weed and you are out. I guess it's the mentality of why did you try it? If it was peer pressure they may think you are easily influenced. If it wasn't, they may see you as someone who doesn't make the right decisions. Also, they might think what's to stop you from doing it again? There are too many unknowns and I think most agencies would consider you a risk...
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            Originally posted by wc2600
            Any comments suggestions anything welcome.
            Immediately change your major to non-criminal justice.



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              Isn't it pretty rare for an applicant to have no drug use though? I've never done anything, including weed, and my BI said that was really rare.


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                Am I disqualified for good ?

                Your drug use will be a major issue with most agencies. Not the once or twice use of marijuana, but the LSD is going to pose a large problem for you. Having said that, I would continue your studies. Switching your major would be a consideration, but continue with college whatever you do. You could continue to apply with various departments. The advice you recieved to not disclose the LSD use is bad advice. Sooner or later, the issue is bound to come up.


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                  I talked to a gentlemen today who suggested just lay it all on the table, make them aware, they can disqualify me if they want but I would have to think that there is some agency somewhere that would look past this.

                  Also I have been told if you are caught lying it makes it almost impossible to get into another goverment job, I have also thought about being a fireman due to the circumstances.

                  Question: does time heal this at all? We are already talking 5 years on the coke and speed and 6 on lsd, is this something that at the 10yr mark with good credit/job history it could be a possibility.

                  p.s. I am still going to apply because if I dont its basicly me saying "no".


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                    I don't know of any agency in my state that would hire you with that drug history. If I were you I'd change my major to something else.


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                      TCLEOSE is minimum standards. Departments set up their own qualifiers on top of that. I wouldn't say it's an automatic disqualifier but it doesn't help. You could try and get on with a sheriff's deptartment as a correctional officer, get certified, then move up to deputy. Some departments in Texas have different standards (sad to say) for c.o.'s. I've been on sheriff's office hiring boards when things the I thought were major disqualifiers-the people were hired as c.o.'s. I know a couple now are patrol deputies.

                      Change your major. Get a degree in something you can use outside of LE if this doesn't work out for you. My experience with a degree is that the department is just looking to see if you have a degree, not what the major is. Having a BBA myself, I've never been asked what my major was on an oral board.
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                        DQed for good

                        You mentioned applying for a Firefighter's position if the LE option doesn't pan out. Most paid fire departments have very high standards as do LE agencies, and your past drug history would be very much an issue with them as well.


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                          i would have to agree your chances are as great as seeing a elvis again...-marijuana and cocaine use five years again isnt really the problem.. the lsd is what is gonna kick u in the back.. agancies are somewhat concern that when you are out there on say a call ,who isto say you are not gonna get a "acid flashback " and go bonkers on people
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