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    Continued info on the process

    I just turned in my application (used governmentjobs.com to apply) and got contacted the next day about the next tests.

    For out of state they said it would be three trips.

    The first day you do written and video test. If you pass you do the physical the very next day and for both out of state and in state the orals are the next 4 days with out of state getting in first.

    To be honest I am not sure about the video test scoring ... I think this is actually not a part of whether you get the job but is for their sake.

    Goodluck and hope to be an academy with any of you applying this year.


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      The video test is not optional, and is scored, but the score does not factor into your final ranking. They will tell you what you scored on all the tests in your good news letter.

      The video test is about 1.5 hours of situations, then multiple choice options of how to handle them. You mark your answer on a scantron. Some of them are pretty funny. (some of the obvious wrong answers, that is.)

      My guess is maybe they are compiling data, seeing if there is a correlation between candidates who score well on the video and written, to measure the validity of the video test. With so many applicants per testing cycle, that's a lot of free research.

      BTW- If you are reading this thread after January 2006 or so, remember the info could be out of date. Metro changes their process frequently.


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        Yes, I agree with you on what they are doing with the Video tests. I figured they were collecting some kind of data but didn't think to use it terms of whether it will become a part of the hiring process. I was wondering what else you thought the stats could go to ... maybe a pre-test post-test type thing for people who make it through the testing?

        Las Vegas does have a very good website. They do a great job of outlining the process for you (well as good as any I have seen).


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