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Interactive Training with Electronic Projections


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  • Interactive Training with Electronic Projections

    A friend told me that he once saw a C.O.P.s show which portrayed an officer training with an interactive electronic projection of a criminal and a victim and the actions that the officer made detemined if the criminal would hurt the victim or try to attack the officer.

    Is anyone familiar with this technology or know where I might get more information on this technology?

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    Here you got - FATS

    We had one at our academy, pretty cool gizmo.
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      **Not a cop**(But have used FATS many times)

      We, as explorers, have the oppourtunity to use FATS. We actually placed 4th place in it last year at state competition. Its pretty cool, you have a gun and there is an operator behind you choosing the path of the suspect or victim. Your actions cause reactions and you SHOULD react to their actions.

      Really a good training piece of equiptment.
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        *Not a Cop*
        Our PSTF Academy and Explorers use PRISim.
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          There are a number of these systems. The very first was at the LAPD academy, using wax bullets on an aluminum screen (yes, there were a few dents from live ammo!). Now, the systems allow multiple officers, rifles, shotguns, tazers, OC, and the 'suspects' react to the officers actions. It can be an excellent training tool. Some commercial ranges (indoor) have them as well.
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            We used FATS at my academy, good fun and really scares you on replay.
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            For California police academy notes go to


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              Sounds like a good training tool. Worth looking into.

              In our academy we use simunitions, and I think that was pretty cool.


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