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self sponsored vs picked up process


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  • self sponsored vs picked up process

    I am 21 years old and ive been having a tough time getting picked up by a department i make it too the back ground and then Dq ive applied at two agencies. I have one thing on my record which was a misdemeanor in high school for a "beer run" 488pc, i payed all my fines, had no problem while on summary probation, and am now waiting to get it expunged i sent all the paperwork in and it takes 90 days, ive even sent in paper work to do volunteer work at my local p.d. just to try to get my foot in the door step, and then i found out you can pay your own way and put your self through the academy, my parents said they would be willing to help me out financially but they want to know a percentage or what the possibility will be of me getting picked up by a department upon completion of the academy so that they are not wasting there money, Does any one know?Or can anyone help me out with even advice? I live in ca and the academy is through ben clark training center in riverside county

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    If you are not getting hired now self sponsered isn't that big a plus for you. Likley a waste of time and money.


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      Perhaps a you should shelve the LE idea for a few years and do some things to make yourself a better candidate. Try getting a job that has the potential for increasing levels of experience. If you haven't already get some college under your belt and while you are there try and work for the campus security department. Join the active duty military, national guard, or reserve. If you have a college degree already, check out the Peace Corps.

      If you are not getting hired now, it is unlikely you will get hired after sponsoring yourself through an academy if that is the only change that you make.
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        Self sponsored vs pick-up

        A couple of thoughts. First, watch your spelling. Use "caps" when they're called for. Believe me, agencies look for that. Expungement: Really doesn't exist. A BI will find it, so it's best to disclose it on your application/interview.As relatively minor as the charge appears, I think it would be a waste of time and money to attempt to get it expunged, and as I noted, in the case of a BI, the department will find out anyway. Putting your self through an Academy with the hope of being "picked up" by a department, can be a long shot. No guarantee you'll be hired. I would suggest you inquire around departments in your area, and determine their requirements. Apply if you feel you qualify. If you're appointed, the Academy will be at department expense, not yours.


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          If the agencies in SoCal are like they are here in the central valley, and I suspect they are, you are going to be a more appealing candidate if you have been through the academy when you start the hiring process. Its just one less thing that agency has to pay for. Every agency is going to have their own standards for a DQ for criminal history. Here in the valley, those with less than perfect backgrounds usually have to start at smaller, lower paying agencies that have a high turnover rate. It may not be where you want to spend your entire career but its a place to get your start and get your POST certificate. The academy where I teach usually has somewhere around 30% of the cadets being sponsered when they start the academy. By the end of the academy there are usually around 50% of the cadets that are sponsered or have jobs waiting for them. There are usually another 5 or 10 cadets that have conditional offers of employment pending backgrounds or medicals. Of those that don't have offers when they graduate I don't have a figure for you on how many get hired within the first year after graduation.
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            My academy was self sponsored and we have had 50% confirmed recruits picked up though probably more just haven't reported into me yet that they have been picked up. Check out my website for all the notes you'll need while going through. They are in the files section.

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            For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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