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Feedback on my planning please.


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    Yeah I know but im not signing anything anytime soon.

    I'm just at a point in my life where I really need to do SOMETHING. I really want a future in LE. It is the only career I have been interested in my entire life. I wasted some time and money in college becuase I had no drive.

    Well just let me list what is going on in my head.


    Scraping by moneywise
    Degree not finished
    Some debt- student loans and a 3500 car i just bought.
    My parents don't have the money for me/I'd rather work for my own future
    Life feels stagnant

    Why the guard sounds so good-
    Finish basic get some skills+come home with over 7k
    Get paid to go back to school
    Get myself whipped into shape at boot
    Pay off my car drop comprehensive and collision (that would save 250 a month by itself)
    EMT certification
    Pay off 4k in student loans

    Or... scrape, work get in more debt and try to pay for car, school, insurance, and then hope my degree is enough to get me a police job.

    I'm really at a point in my life K9 where I am sick of not going places. I just feel like the military will give me a good kick in the *** and really, really, help my financial situation.

    But I am not signing anything till I get all the info and I am not signing it soon. Just with what they have offered it sounds like I will be alot happier if I do this than if I continue how things are going now.

    I'm not a dumb guy. I quite sharp actually. Over-excited? Yeah I do that. My skipping around posting. The reason mt goals have been skipping is because gettign hired in LE is WAY more complex than I thought it would be. I am taking in tons of information day to day. I am learning alot of things every day. I will keep learning things too and I will learn everything about the guard before I sign.

    I really appreciate your concern. It feels good to know that people care. Ecspecially the boys in blue!

    Edit: Interesting bodie hasn't come in here telling me im screwed yet. ^_^
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      Most of us, myself included, have gone through what you are experiencing especially when it comes to obtaining a law enforcement career. It is not easy, and it is good that you are looking at your options and weighing the good versus the bad.

      Not to say debt is good, but if it means obtaining an education that will bring oppurtunity to myself and my career, I will do it in a second. Yes, graduating from school with 30,000 in debt is not fun, but is it worth it. I will argue a million times over, yes. National guard or armed services sounds good for your situation, but don't rule out going back to school if you now know your "drive" and how to pursue it.

      Something I really didn't know before getting into this profession, some people love it, some people hate it. There are some people that work very hard for a very long time to get into this profession and come to realize that it wasn't what they were expecting, even after doing a ton of internships and other positions (dispatching). Not to say that this will happen to you, but it does and it is something that you must be concious of as you go through the motions of trying to get hired.

      Even I wonder exactly where I am headed and what to pursue next. I truly believe that it is a never-ending journey through life.



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        I have heard several stories of guys preparing and going through everything getting hired, and quitting after 2 weeks. If this happens im sure it will be discouraging, but I will still have my degree and Guard experience and it will probably teach me alot about what I want to do with my life. The idea I like most is the variety. I understand that a TON of the work is paperwork and I am ok with that. But LE has much greater variety than if I got a job where I was marketing vacuum cleaners, or developing a Mac & Cheese assembly line.

        The worst risk in life is never taking one.


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