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Blackwater Corp???


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  • Blackwater Corp???

    Does anyone know anything about them or the training they offer? Are there any other companies down south that offer that sort of training? Would it be beneficial in being hired in LE work? OR is it just an overpriced shooting course??? They offer a variety of courses, and to be honest, to a 20 year old wanting to get into LE, it looks pretty cool. Just curious if any of you older swat or trt or even general officers have any advice or information on these guys. It also looks like maybe if one had the right credientials it could offer some great side work.....thanks guys

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    I wouldn't expect that a training certificate from Blackwater was going to cut a lot of ice with a police selection panel. The training they offer may be great (I have no personal experience with them) for someone involved in SWAT or similar work, but it's a little Walter Mitty-like for an aspiring cop. If you want to impress a selection board wiith your preparation for the job, take some CJ classes at the local community college, and be in excellent physical shape. After you have been on the job for a few years, then consider advanced training from Blackwater or one of the other many training providers.
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      From what my former partner said their training is outstanding, he did some of it when he was a range instructor, but it is expensive. That is why he did it on the city's dime. As far as beneficial for hiring, no. They might think your a lunatic if you have it.
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        Blackwater (along with serveral other companies) are great training if you are already a LEO or Military.

        As Tim's probably going to make you look a Walter Mitty type person if you show up to a hiring board and have all kinds of crazy certs....unless you were prior LEO or Military. I know if I was on a board (and I do sit on them for my PD) that I would roll my eyes if someone showed up with with a EP and a bunch of firearms certs and had never been a LEO before....


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          thanks for the advice guys. Looks like an interesting company. From what I grabbed off of the net they have really nice facilities and definately qualified instructors. Anybody know exactly what one does after being hired by these guys? If I read the site reqs include a 4 year military tour..... Anyone here ever worked with or for them? Just curious.....


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            Originally posted by FutureLEO04
            Anybody know exactly what one does after being hired by these guys? If I read the site reqs include a 4 year military tour..... Anyone here ever worked with or for them? Just curious.....
            They and DynCorp just secured the largest private security contracts ever given by the State Dept. for world-wide protection services. That means emabassies, and personal protection details in Iraq and other not-so-nice places.

            If you want to be LE, it's not the way to go. I've done the private gig in Iraq and elsewhere, but it was because of my military resume. It's an excellent gig for guys with 15-20 years of military under their belts. Don't get so impressed with guys wearing fatigues and Oakleys teaching you how to shoot. You don't need that training for entry-level LE stuff.
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              thanks guys....

              thanks for the advice everyone
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                Blackwater Corp

                Great reputation in the private sector, from all I've heard. I don't view it as being a help to you in entry level LE. Go through the normal application process. If hired, get the required state certification(Academy). Once that's done, if the opportunity to attend a Blackwater course comes up, do it on the department's dime.


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