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    I feel deeply sorry for all the Detroit police officers who will lose their jobs. Since the NYPD is going to hire 1000 new officers next year shouldn't they or other agencies extend a hand to these officers and offer them jobs? I would much Rather see those 150 officers in new uniforms here in NY then see some of the scumbags that the NYPD hires. They even hire people with convictions and felony arrests!!!

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    Evidently you do not know too much about Detroit PD


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      I applied to Detroit just to get on somewhere... When I went to meet my BI, I told him I wasn't interested anymore. I wouldn't work there if it was the last place on earth.


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        In Detroit I believe the application says "List your felony convictions" not "Have you ever been convicted of a felony." I have a few buddies that started off there. The horror stories they tell!
        Anyone who believes "the customer is always right" has never been a police officer.


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          What's so bad about it? Is it the city you're working in, the department or a combination?


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            I appoligize in advance to the Good officers of the Detroit PD.

            It has more to do with the working conditions and selection process than anything else.

            Take 1 part
            Crappy work conditions
            Add one part
            Crappy pay
            Shake with
            ****ty command staff

            Cesspool Martini anyone?

            Good qualified candidates will not work for such a department. No good candidates means alot of bad candidates that turn into crappy officers.

            I don't know if anyone remembers the New Orleans PD about a decade ago...I don't know if detroit is that bad but it seems like they are traveling down the same road.


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