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  • Is it worth it?

    I'm going insane! If you've read my other threads you know i've been having problems. But i'll start over...

    I'm in rookie school right now and only have not even one month left. I have busted my butt to do this because I want to be an officer more than anything. Well apparently I ****ed off the wrong person. Our director gave us a "Test" before our tests.. made us spell a few words because she stated someone was misspelling things on our intructor evaluations. Well apparently she decided it was me who was doing this and told me to write a 3 page essay about why I think it's ok to misspell things.
    I tried to do this for her but I had to work during the day and had class pretty much right after I got done. I had a little over an hour to do the paper in which I only did one page. I mean come on it's not an easy topic! Well I got to class and told her I was very sorry but I was unable to complete the paper. She had me go home.
    I got a phone call that night from a classmate who told me I was to not return to the classroom untill this block of instructon is done (12 hour block and we go 4 hours a night) But i was to bring the completed paper to PT the next day. Which I did... Although was assigned another paper.. to write down all the officers that have died in the line of duty in the state of North Carolina.
    I passed up any chance to work today and didn't go to bed untill 2am last night.. Worked all night and literally all day on this thing.. about 18-19 pages worth of stuff..and I was suppose to drive to class and turn it in before 5:00.. which I was there by 4:30.

    I gave her the paper and she pulled me into her office. Stating how her director asked her why I was still in the class. That I should have been tossed out by now. Stated how I have been very disrespectfull to many of my instructors. This was a MAJOR suprise to me..considering I'm the one the instructors joke with.. one who I supposably disrespected calls me Barbie and ALWAYS jokes with me... I love him to death and think he's so cool. Heck he even took my registration and filed my report for my stolen licens plate. Another one I supposably sidrespected I never really talked to untill this past weekend... we were doing practicles for traffic stops. Well this guy decided to be the guy who hits on me while i'm trying to ask him for his information. His line was "DAMN baby are those space pants? Because your *** is out of this world!!" Well he had the other instructors about rolling and I was trying so hard not to laugh.. we had fun! And from then on him and two other instructors which I supposably disrespected as well called me space pants lol I've NEVER done anything!!! I take the abuse! well except with one guy but it was a joke and he knew it..and I know he knew it...

    My sponsoring agency has been looking into this and isn't too happy with whats going on (not unhappy at me) they have spent a lot of time with me and don't understand what the problem is.

    Well to make the rest short.. since I missed the class I can no longer graduate with my class nor can I take the exam with them...
    I have to retake the class with another school.. which means I can't take the class untill december and I was suppose to graduate at the end of this month..
    I have been running around like crazy getting all kinds of paperwork and having interviews with one agency here that I REALLY want to work for.. but they are hiring in Oct/Nov.. so this screws my chances.

    I'm so stuck... This past week i've been accused of being a horrible person, lost my chance to even have a graduation, lost my chance at the job I've wanted for some time now.. And now I have NO clue who to trust! Don't know who is telling lies...

    I don't know what to do.. I can't see myself doing anything else other than being a LEO..But I'm so tired of the drama.. of the people talking bad about each other.. tired of watching what I say so it doesn't get taken the wrong way. I could have sworn I was out of highschool?

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    TEayota ,welcome to LE. First off that instructor had no right making comments about your pants (sexual harassment).If your agency is aware of whats going on they should be sticking up for you! The seeminly excessive paperwork is all part of the job & someone,somewhere it seems feels you're not cut out for the job. Prove them wrong! Mind games & repitition are all part of the Academy but the sexual harassment is uncalled for.


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      I would contact the administration. There must be some kind of appeals process that you can go to. There must also be inplace some type of guidelines on who can restrict your access or deny you access to class. It normally does not fall to the instructor to issue those restrictions without some type of disciplinary process at the administration level.

      If that fails, contact an attorney. It does seem you were denied due process prior to an expuslion incident and may have some legal recourse. This is, of course, based upon taking your version of events as gospel.

      Good Luck.

      John Ricks


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        Also I would suggest checking with the State certifying agency. In Ohio there are field agents who are essentially a liason between the state and the individual academy. They regularly make visits to the class and give the students a business card with their contact info. If your state has that, call them and run the situation by them.
        In god we trust, the rest we run through NCIC


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          Should have responded by PM instead of posting here. My fault for not being more observant as to which fourm this was in.
          Last edited by Mitchell_in_CT; 09-05-2005, 06:58 PM. Reason: I did not see which fourms this was in and did not realise I was not supposed to post here until after I hit send. My fault for not being more observant.


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            I tend to disagree with most of you. I'd say it's how bad you want it. My adademy they had us jump through all kinds of hoops, doing stuff that, to this day, had absolutely nothing to do with law enforcement. They are testing you to see if you can follow orders or if you are going to try to take shortcuts and make excuses.

            So you were told to write a paper, big deal, write it. You decided it wasn't worth your time and now you have consequences because of it. Buck up and get with the program.


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              I didn't decide it wasn't worth my time. I decided having money to eat and live was more important and I was hoping I could do it in the spare 2 hours I had before class. I have devoted my EVERYTHING to this class but sometimes life steps in the way.

              This director has made false accusations agenst me.. I'm still looking into it a little bit but apparently there is nothing I can do but bite my lip and go on.. not graduate with my class.. lose the job I was working my butt off for.. and hopefully take the class in Nov.

              The head of Criminal Justice was contacted but this was before I knew everything the director was saying about me. I tried contacting the head of CJ myself but he has yet to return my call. I'm going to attempt it one last time and begg for a chance to pay for an intructor to teach me that block before the state exam (this is what another person in my class did. He was allowed to and now i'm not allowed such a thing)

              I personally think this is a case of the director not liking me. I mean who in the world says someone REFUSED to show their high school diploma? come on now.. Everyone in my class says what is happening with me is BS and unfair to me.. will they speak up? Nope.. neither will my instructors because they need money.

              I have had time to think about it all though. As I said before, nothing or no one will stand in my way of being a police officer. I've been told by a few of my instructors that I will make a great LEO and I have 2 agencys interested in me. I need to look at it from that point of view instead of all the crap thats being said.

              Thanks to all who PMed me with information. I really wish this could be resolved instead of just forgotten.. but not every battle is won :shruggs:

              I guess all this as taught me a lesson about LE.. Never trust anyone and just do the best you can. And most importantly.. never let someone get you down. I did leave my directors office crying and that felt like the lowest point in my life. Not only did this person see me break down but others from my class saw the redness around my eyes. I hate showing that.. But the day I returned to class I got many "wows" from people who said after all that they would have given up. Heck I think my director thought i'd give up too.. or hoped... I'm not one to let peoples words get to me but for some odd reason I let it that day. Now that i've looked into it and saw that the things my director said wern't true.. I feel SO much better.. and SO ready to show everyone that I WILL be a good LEO.

              :steps off soap box:


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