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question about civil service exam


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  • question about civil service exam

    I will be taking my first civil service exam for a police department here in Texas in October. They do not pass out any study material for the exam, so my question is what should I do. Should I go to my campus library and checkout some of the practice ones they have or just go to the exam without looking at any material. Im guessing they latter wouldn't be a good idea. Is there a place where I can buy some study material. What did everybody else do.

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    I did not have a civil service Exam. I took a regular standardized test and then later had a civil service interview with a panel of officers and members of the city goverment.

    My test was a basic test involving all the basic skills you learn in highschool. It was really easy. I scored 97 %.

    I would simply contact the recruiting unit or supervisor and ask them about the test, the content of the test, and any possible preperation you could do... they like to hear that you care and are taking the time to prepare anyway.

    Good LUCK!
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      First I would ask the city human relations department if they have study material available. We have had a study guide for the civil service test for at least 10 years.

      If the city doesn't have a study guide, just about any book store will have study guides for the civil service test.
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        I've taken both Dallas and the PACT agencies tests and if you brush up on your English and Algebra you should be fine.
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        For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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          Question about Civil Service Exam

          In addition to the excellent advice already posted, I'd suggest you purchase an ARCO test booklet. This firm publishes many study guides for civil service exams, and have a specific publication for city police officer. The book offers some excellent practicle advice, as well as a sample exam. It's been many, many years since I've used one, but as I recall the price is pretty reasonable,and the material is very up to date. Good luck.


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