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A few alcohol/drunkeness/university kick-off parties related questions.


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  • A few alcohol/drunkeness/university kick-off parties related questions.

    'Tis the season for university kick-off parties and this year I want to be all safe and legal about it. (Last year I had many policial encounters within less than an hour at a commerce party and possibly could have been charged with a few things.) So here are my few questions. (I have broken them down into various sub-categories for ease of answering and possibly combining answers.)

    Public Drunkeness

    It sounds simple enough, I know, but my friends and I were discussing this in the bar a couple nights ago and we want to know to what extent a person can be drunk in public before they get charged.

    Is leaving the bar drunk and walking down the street half a block to your car considered to be enough public drunkeness to get you arrested if a police officer drives by?

    What if you live close enough to the bar that you are able to walk home rather than drive? Is that still considered drunk in public?

    Is drunk in public mainly just enforced when people are creating a disturbance? (Ie: Going to houses and banging on the doors, performing various bodily functions in unauthorized areas such as my front lawn , puking, etc.)

    Lastly, at this commerce party I was at last year I witnessed the police calling drunk vehicle owners out of the backyard where the party was being held and once they got to the sidewalk the police would arrest them for public drunkeness. Is that allowed or wouldn't that be considered unlawful entrapment?

    Drunks/open alcohol in vehicle and vehicle searching

    After this party got broken up and then re-located to another location a few kilometers away I volunteered to take anyone who was drinking home so that no one would be DUIing. I ended up with 7 drunks (all of whom I had no idea who they were, as I'm not even a commerce student and it was my first year in university. I was only there because the police were there and I was curious) in my car. I told them strictly that no one was to have any open alcohol in my car and I checked to make sure no one had any alcohol in their hands. Some how someone managed to slip one by me.

    After the re-located party was broken up I left with all the drunks stuffed into my car again. I drove off and I didn't even get two blocks before the flashing lights were going behind me.

    Why did I get pulled over? I wasn't doing anything illegal (I think. All I had were a bunch of drunks in my car).

    The officer came up to my passenger door (which was odd I thought as they always approach my driver side door) and ordered everyone out except me. As they were attempting to get out of my car I noticed one person had an open can of beer in his hand. Luckily the drunk girl in my front seat who was falling out created enough of a distraction for the officer to not notice the guy with the beer. What would have happened had he saw that someone had an open alcoholic beverage in my car? Would I have been charged (I didn't see it, I said no open alcohol and I checked them before they got in) or would the guy holding it be charged?

    Secondly, once everyone got out of my car he searched it without asking me if he could. (I would have said yes if he had asked. I had nothing to hide. I just think it's more polite to ask to go through my personal space before doing so.)

    Normally when my car gets searched they don't do a massive thorough job of it. They just look in the back seat and under the seats. This guy went through EVERYTHING. He went through my glove box, console, seats, and even my trunk. He didn't just open it and look in either. He lifted all the cloth stuff to look for stuff. Why was he being so thorough and is he even allowed to go through my trunk without a warrant or even my permission?

    What if I would have had my massive 15" boning knife in there that I did have in there at one time because I forgot to take it out when I got back from camping? (It was the smallest knife I could find in the drawer that wasn't a steak or butter knife.) Would I have been charged with having a weapon in the trunk of my car? (Would they believe that I was using a 15" boning knife to cut pepperoni?)

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    Kick Off parties

    Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law? If you haven't, here it is. "If something can go wrong it will". That applies to kick-off parties as well. Murphy is also a very international character, so his appearance in Canada would not be at all unusual. I'm not preaching a temperance sermon, and have no problem with legal, responsible use of alcohol. The problem is, that these parties so frequently get put of hand, with often tragic results. One of the first faculties alcohol impairs is that of judgement. Your question seems to ask a forum of cops to help you plan a party. Please excuse me if that's the wrong call on my part. Here's my advice. If your underage according to the laws of your Province, avoid the use of alcohol at your party. If you're of legal age, drink discretely, and privately with a few friends. If you're of age, and you provide alcohol to a person under age, I'm certain your Province has a law(s) prohibiting that. Good judgement and common sense can go a long way. I can assure you as well, that no Mounted Policeman, or Municipal Police Officer wants to scrape what's left of you off the pavement, but they can and will do if required. That said, have a great party.


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      Originally posted by Woodles
      I was only there because the police were there and I was curious
      Does anyone think this is ever a good idea?

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        Originally posted by Entre Nous
        Does anyone think this is ever a good idea?

        Alright, not the best reason I know. For some reason flashing lights attract me. If need be, I'll also call in any parties put on by high school students. Few things more entertaining than watching drunk high school students get snippy with the police. Hmm, Big police officer versus little scrawny high school student. Who's going to win?

        Also, I'm not planning a party. I'm not popular enough to have people show up.


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          I work in a City with a large college so I am kind of familiar with what you are talking about. We just had our first weekend with the college kids back...man some of those college freshmen learn the hardway.

          The State code where I work states that a person only needs to simulate or appear intoxicated in a public place to be arrested. Now, imagine if I arrested every kid I saw like that on a friday or saturday night... They dont make jails that big...

          Things that may get you in trouble... (and arrested for INTOX)
          Passing out on the sidewalk, Urinating in public, disorderly or boisterous activity, vandalism, staggering around lost, running when you see me, open containers, general disresepect to me upon contact... basically acts of stupidity.

          Now your question of whether or not you can be arrested simply walking home from the bar when you are drunk... Yea, you sure can. I personally dont care as long as you get home safe and are not stupid.. see examples above... But you are subject to arrest anytime you are drunk in public... Play it cool and you will probably be ok.

          ENTRAPMENT ? I have never called someone over to me from private property who was intoxicated and then arrested them. I have however broken up large parties and told everyone to leave. In the process when the highly intoxicated subjects are leaving they do one of those stupid things I mentioned earlier and then get in trouble.

          The traffic stop you are talking about... Sounds like you just need to talk to the officer. You are allowed to ask questions and I am sure if you did so in a polite and appropriate manner all the questions you are asking in this forums would have been answered by the officer.

          Take care and have a great safe year... Enjoy your years as a student.. they are gone to soon believe it or not!
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