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  • Neighbors

    I am posting here today because I am a civilian who at one point was very interested in becoming an officer of the law. Now that I am just living in society and trying to get along with neighbors I have a few questions as far as how much do I have to deal with before reporting nasty neighbors and will this realy benefit me or make things worse?

    We moved in to our house almost two years ago. The neighbors to the north of us were friends and first and for reasons we do not understand, our neighbors have suddently taken a disliking towards us. We are pretty quiet people and the one time we had a party in our basement and played music late we were told that our neighbors were upset and immediatly corrected the problem with apologies and reassurance that the disturbance would never happen again, and I hold true to my word it never has. This was a year ago. Since then we have battled nosey neighbors, outdoor bands set up outside our house and in general very disrespectful acts of next door behavior. We have decided to put up a fence on our property line to help keep the noise out but to make a statement that we are no longer interested in neighborly appearances.

    Yesterday our neighbors came home and decided to power wash their boats alongside our house. I was concerned that the windows that were open alongside our house would have water sprayed in and eventually water did come through our front window. When I tried to approach the lady next door by calling out to her three times, she completely ignored me. I was extremely upset because I know if this was the other way around her big mouth would come screaming at us. I would have appreciated a warning and time to close my windows if powerwashing their boats alongside our house was the only way about getting their chores done. Now my husband has told me no more confrontations and is worried that if we put up a fence they may become angrier and be more annoying. He is also afraid they might try to lean their property such as boats up against our fence.

    When is enough enough? I don't want to start hassling them with the law but I also want to live in harmony. Since talking to them is out of the question what are my next steps?

    They are a young couple such as ourselves who have taken to becoming jealous of our lifestyle, we have four cars, two atv's a bigger home, two boats and other ammenities that make us "better" off. Not by intention but just because that's how we define living "comfortably." Why shouldn't we enjoy what we have worked hard for. I am terrified of this lady, they are Harley people who come home at midnight reving their bikes alongside our house more then needed. We live on the lake so if you can imagine there isn't much land to work with in between. I have recently hired a local guy to do the job of putting up the fence so they will not bother us when we constuct our fence. I also plan on having the local surveyer come out to make sure we do not build on their property. The neighbor to the south of us told us that when he constructed the fence for the people who use to live in our home he had the police come out to make sure everything went smoothly.

    My husband has recently been working on his cars in our garage and from other neighbors we have learned they are complaining even though our garage is insulated and dry walled and vented. And we do our work strictly during the day. I feel they are just jealous and reasons for this are past behaviors towards us, making comments such as " you bought a new car" or "you copied our yard decorating" or colors that "we painted inside our house." After those comments we figured something more was wrong with these people and decided to keep entirely to ourselves as they have.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I have a neighbor that is a major pain in my butt as well, but nothing like that. I just played the game for a while and now I just ignore them. She used to deposit her used cat litter against my privacy fence, but she stopped that after I started tossing my dog crap over the fence into her yard. Anyhow, I suggest trying to ignore it as long as possible for starters. If that doesn't work, start documenting the issues and get in touch with code enforcement. There is a lot more the code enforcement folks can do (typically) than the police. After a couple hefty fine, they should cool their jets a bit. Good luck.
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      Pretend it does not bother you and you dont care about what they think.

      Pretend you dont even know they live there.

      Have a party with your "other" neighbors.. Everyone but them.. That will **** em off...


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        Thanks for the advice, it's what I was afraid of. But I guess now reading from others, others of the law especially, I guess you all are right. I'll try my hardest to just pretend they don't live there. I am still going full board with the fence though...


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          Ignore them

          Call Police if things GET OUT OF HAND

          But consider that POLICE night label you and your family as a real pain.

          Try to get along.

          Or MOVE


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            I lived in a house for 16yrs--new neighbors moved in, found out I was a cop & evry move i made they would call the police or my Sgt. and complain.The result? I put my house on the market and sold it at a minimum profit just to get away from them.Sometimes you just have to "cut 'n run". Maybe they are just the jealous types and nothing you do is right. If it were me, I'd leave who nneds the hassles?


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              Originally posted by Bodie
              But consider that POLICE night label you and your family as a real pain.

              Or MOVE
              VERY TRUE! We have an "mid-aged" couple in our community that calls us about two times a week.

              Their neighbor is threatening them.

              Kids are peeling out in front of their house with their "loud cars".

              There is a "Rabid" dog running around and they don't want to get eaten.

              They think their cousin from "out of town" is plotting to hurt them.

              Why have we not done anything about the neighbor?

              The guy down the street might be selling drugs, they've told us that 3 times! Why don't we go search his house!!?!?

              My favorite call from them so far......It looks like it might bad is it going to be? I busted up laughing when the dispatcher relayed that one.

              I think you get the point.

              I'm not telling you to not call the police. Just use common sense. If you can resolve an issue without getting the police involved, then do it.
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