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    Hey everyone,

    Im sure youve all been asked this a 100 times over....

    Im a 26 year old British chap, who's here in the US legally (obviously!!!) Ive just got my green card and my official immigration status is "permanent resident".

    Immidetly prior to emmigrating here i was a Police officer with the Metropolitan Police in London, England. I left in very good standing and have all of the references / discharge papers to prove it.

    I want to get back into Law Enforcement now that im over here, but the only problem i have is that im not a US Citizen and current immigration law means that i cant apply for citizenship for another 3 years.

    Question is - does anyone know if thier dept will hire somebody who has a green card and isnt a citizen?.

    I live in FL but would move no probs at all for the right job, so far ive been able to find a few depts including Chicago PD, Hawaii, Alaska, Some West Virginia dept (incl the state police) but id GREATLY appreciate any directions that anyone may have.

    Right now im in Florida, where FL law states that you have to be a US citizen to be a cop - i just need to find the right dept and ill be out of here before you can say "hurricane"

    Thanks for your time


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    I can't tell you which departmnet they are but SOME do allow residents to join their departments. As you know that is not the norm. Most departments require citizenship. I believe IL has some that accept reidency, but not sure on what department. Good luck to you.

    PS: They have had some threads here not too long ago with more info if you want to do a search.


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      One of the guys I went to the academy with was a British citizen. Our department hires non-citizens if you are legal to work here.

      It's the North Slope Borough Police department in Barrow, AK.



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        One of my trainees (when I was a cop and an FTO) was a British immigrant. He had been a constable briefly in his early 20s, then spent 10 years in the Royal Army, and then emigrated to the U.S. He worked for the Norman, OK PD for five years, during which he became a citizen. Apparently, they did hire non-citizens at one time. I have heard that Hawaiian LE agencies are more flexible in hiring non-citizens, but I have not confirmed this myself.

        Some states require their officers to be citizens by statute. Others don't mention it, so it's left to the individual agency. I'd suggest that yoou locate an outfit that you would like to work for, and then see if they will consider you.
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          There are some very decent Colorado depts which do not require citzenship. You might want to check the POST requriements in WV. If POST requires citizenship, all depts have to require it. Check your PMs.
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            Green card police jobs

            U.S. Citizen ship is a requirement on MOST U.S. law enforcement agencies. What I would suggest you do is start going through various LE agency websites, many of which can be accessed through Officer.com. Quite a few agencies post their requirements, including citizen ship. Quite a few will allow you to down load applications as well. Your willingness to relocate is a major plus. I feel certain too, that your service as a London Metropolitan Police Officer will stand you in good stead in your further career. Good luck.


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              Many agencies have a citizenship requirement but Federal law prohibits any employer from discriminating against any legal resident in employment matters. Check with an attorney that specializes in employment law and apply for any agency that you want to work for.
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                Originally posted by Tim Dees
                ...then spent 10 years in the Royal Army...
                Not trying to pick on you, but it is the British Army not the Royal Army (I got blasted for saying that when I worked in NATO).

                Back to the subject at hand. If you are trying to get citizenship join the Reserves or National Guard. You can apply for citizenship for serving during a time of conflict (Sep 2001 - Present) and all fees are waived (as of Oct 2004). Not all NG and Reserve units are eligible.

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                  Many agencies have a citizenship requirement but Federal law prohibits any employer from discriminating against any legal resident in employment matters. Check with an attorney that specializes in employment law and apply for any agency that you want to work for.

                  No disrespect but I wouldn't take that advice too seriously. Firstly, who has the time, energy or money to retain an attorney? Do you really want your police application to be accompanied with the threat of a lawsuit? Can't see you getting hired with any dept you challenge. Police applicants have challenged US citizenship requirements in court and not made serious headway against the regulation. Finally, most state POST organizations require citizenship, which overrides the agency requirement. All an agency in that state has to do is refer your expensive attorney to the state POST agency who made the requirement. You would need deep pockets to fight them.
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                    In California, you can get hired as a peace officer provided that you are eligible for, and have applied for citizenship.

                    For further info see:

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                      Thanks to everyone who posted a reply in here, Ive done a search through the forums using the words "green card" and "permanent resident" and through those (along with the helpful Pm's from a few people!) ive got a pretty good idea of my options.

                      At the min the list seems to be like this

                      ALL police departments in Hawaii and Alaska would appear to be open.

                      MOST police departments in Ohio, Colorado, Vermont, West Virginia (including the state police)

                      And SOME departments in Illinois (including Chicago PD), Virginia, Washington state and Oklahoma

                      California and a few other states will take you as a permanent resident, however you must have already be eligible for citizenship and HAVE ALREADY APPLIED with INS or whatever immigration calls themselves now.

                      For anyone who might be in the same situation as me - try going on yahoo.com and searching using the keywords "police officer employment legally able to work in us" or "permanent resident police officer career"

                      this will bring up links to departments across america and you can open up each one and look at the individual criteria, It definetly appears that our cause is not lost - the light at the end of the tunnel may not be an oncoming train!.

                      One final thing, Thanks for the advice that you can potenially sue or force a department to take you on the basis that its against the law for them to discrimininate against aliens. Personally id never undergo that route, im definetly with co911 in the opinion that id hate to re-start my career with a department after undergoing that route.

                      Im the one thats emmigrated to america, i must therefore accept things here as they are.

                      If anyone works for a department who will take applicants who just have green cards, id very much appreciate a PM!.




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                        Most police agencies either aren't aware of the requirements of Title X or believe that resident aliens will be put off by the US citizenship requirement. I wouldn't suggest suing a police agency. Just having an attorney write a letter to point out the Federal statute would probably be enough to have the agency or POST policy changed. After all what state or local agency could afford the loss of federal grant money that would or could be withheld for a violation of Federal law. Federal anti-discrimination law superscedes state hiring practices.
                        When Society makes war on its police, it better be prepared to make friends of its criminals.


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                          Ok, now im intregued -

                          I dont think id have too much of a problem in getting an attorney to write up a letter simply pointing out the matter...

                          But where would that leave me for states like florida where the citizenship requirement is actually written into the florida statutes?


                          FL STATUTE -

                          943.13 Officers' minimum qualifications for employment or appointment.--On or after October 1, 1984, any person employed or appointed as a full-time, part-time, or auxiliary law enforcement officer or correctional officer; on or after October 1, 1986, any person employed as a full-time, part-time, or auxiliary correctional probation officer; and on or after October 1, 1986, any person employed as a full-time, part-time, or auxiliary correctional officer by a private entity under contract to the Department of Corrections, to a county commission, or to the Department of Management Services shall:

                          (1) Be at least 19 years of age.

                          (2) Be a citizen of the United States, notwithstanding any law of the state to the contrary.

                          (3) Be a high school graduate or its "equivalent" as the commission has defined the term by rule.



                          So any ideas where this might place me given that the discrimination is actully written into state law?

                          Thanks again!!!


                          (id best not create too much fuss else ill be deported!)


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                            any any ideas where i might get a copy of this federal law so that i can look at it myself?


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                              two posts above youll see statute 943.13 which says i have to be a US citizen to be a sworn officer.

                              however ive just found this other florida statute on the fl senates page -

                              --------------------------------------------------------------------------112.042 Discrimination in county and municipal employment; relief.--

                              (1) It is against the public policy of this state for the governing body of any county or municipal agency, board, commission, department, or office, solely because of the race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, or religious creed of any individual, to refuse to hire or employ, to bar, or to discharge from employment such individuals or to otherwise discriminate against such individuals with respect to compensation, hire, tenure, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, if the individual is the most competent and able to perform the services required.


                              it says that it is against the public policy to discriminate against hiring people based on race etc - one of the factors is "national origin" would the fact that although legally in the US im not a US citizen count for that????



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