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  • Supporting police

    I'm just curious about what actions I take to keep crime down in my city (Austin), and what little/daily things can I do to support the PD's mission?

    Also going back to the 'Open House Party' thread earlier, an officer of the law can't enter someones apartment or home unless the guy who answers the door says so? Where does that come from?


    Richard Maldonado

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    Neighborhood watch.
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    Matthew 11:28


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      Supporting police

      Richard, there are any number of things you can do to support the police in your community. I would suggest you contact your local police agency to see what programs they may have in place. Activities such as Neighborhood Watch, Volunteers in Police Service, etc. exist in many communities. Your local agency man also have a reserve officer program in place. Sky is really the limit. What I would avoid, is taking action on crimes/violations yourself. That can be very counterproductive, not to mention, downright dangerous.


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        In addition to the other posts, things people can do is lock their cars up, don't leave valuables in plain view or unprotected, record serial numbers on property, and report suspicious circumstances. Lock your doors & windows. Leave exterior lights on at night. Close your curtains at night so people can't see all the nice stuff you own and they can sell for drug money. So many people precipitate their own victimization by leaving themselves vulnerable. Wallets/purses lying out on car seats, valuables in unlocked cars. Lawn equipment, tools, firearms in open garages. Bicycles lying in the yard. That is the stuff that gets stolen.
        God made cops so firemen would have heroes.

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          Thanks for the replies, (Don't worry, I won't play vigilante) I'll be leaving the Army in about six months and headed back to Austin, TX and I don't want Austin to turn into say Houston as far as crime is concerned. I have a pretty strong sense of justice and at least to me it seems like your average American is getting less and less concerned with his fellow man. An example would be that video of the pizza parlor battery where the guy gets stomped and robbed in the middle of a room full of capable, healthy but silently frozen men. So with that in mind I plan on doing my part to keep a good neighborhood.

          Thanks for the advice.

          -Richard Maldonado


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            Originally posted by CrossedRifles
            I don't want Austin to turn into say Houston as far as crime is concerned.
            You mean to tell me that Houston has a high crime rate?!!


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              Crossed Rifles, are you Infantry? And who are you with?


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                Sorry about the late reply. I was in 2/22 and 1/87 out of 10th Mountain, but I'm just a pogue now in MI. Down in Camp Humphreys Korea.



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