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Passed exam... unable to take physical...


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  • Passed exam... unable to take physical...

    Hello Officers,

    In December of 2004 I took the exam for the local PD back home. I just graduated from College in PA (the local PD I'm referring to is in NY) and after months of waiting I was sent a letter in May stating I passed the exam and that they wanted me to take the physical portion of it. I already had plans for a wedding in place for July (been married a month so far and very happy!) so I informed them that I would not be able to attend. My wife and I decided to get married now for a variety of reasons. My wife still has another year left of College (same one I attended) and so we are staying in the area until she finishes. She only has one class this fall and then student teaching in the spring. My question for you is if passing the exam puts me on a list that will allow me to be waived from it in the future if they decide to hire again, or if I would have to re-take the exam should they offer it in the future?

    I am still very much interested in law-enforcement but since I am now a resident of PA, I don't know if I am even eligible for the department since I am no longer living in NY. I wouldn't mind re-taking the exam or even applying for an agency here in PA since I have patience and I am waiting for (our) life to be in order first before I go head first into this type of work. Do you think I should have gone about this in a different way? What do you think?

    Your comments are appreciated.

    Stay safe out there,


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    Just the facts ma`am, just the facts.


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      Passed exam, unable to take physical.

      When you apply to a department they assume you want to work for them. That's not a smart assed answer, but simply a statement. It's possible that the department you applied to, might not require you to re-test, but that rule varies from agency to agency.the only way to find out for certain is to ask the agency you referred to. People's plans and ambitions change quite often, as do their circumstances. That said, I wouldn't turn down too many opportunities. They have a way of not coming twice.


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        passed exam unable to take physical

        What dept. in NY did you apply for?


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          The main issue was that they sent me the notice asking me if I could attend the physical exactly two weeks after I recieved the notice. I was already scheduled to work (in PA at that) and there was no way I could re-schedule. That and with the other circumstances, I simply checked "can not attend" and sent it back. They didn't ask for an explanation or anything. There was just no way I could have done it at that short notice. The is the Port Jervis Police Department, about 3 hours from where I work.


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            Originally posted by Harleydude
            I`m the B.I. for my dept. in Georgia.We are having a very difficult time these days even finding applicants that can pass the entrance test.

            I say go for it. every where...

            You're serious? The academy entrance tests, or your department ones? What department?


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