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Closest you came to biting the bullet?


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  • Closest you came to biting the bullet?

    Hello to my future brothers in LE. I want to know about your stories of the closest time you came to biting the bullet. Traffic stop or dangerous arrest, and what happened? Be safe out there and God Bless.

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    Originally posted by et2g
    Hello to my future brothers in LE. I want to know about your stories of the closest time you came to biting the bullet. Traffic stop or dangerous arrest, and what happened? Be safe out there and God Bless.
    when another officer lost his control and "accidentally" i mean the shotgun just went off, , and the pellets and chunks of concrete peppered my back and legs,


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      I think you meant to use another phrase
      Cogito ergo summopere periculosus.


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        [QUOTE=mobrien316]I think you meant to use another phrase


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          Bite the bullet, kick the bucket, take a dirt nap, become worm food... whatever you want to call it, I thought SURE I was a dead man one night. I responded to a call of a man walking around an apartment complex with a shotgun. The other officer and I were cautiously approaching on foot and peering around a building into a courtyard where the suspect was last seen. About that time we heard a shotgun rack behind us. I about wet my pants and knew I was a goner. The other officer and I both spun and another responding officer was standing there with his shotgun. Of course, we had both already drawn our weapons before hand, so this [email protected]$$ almost bit the bullet! He was a total idiot. Incidentally, he is now in state prison for grand theft...
          God made cops so firemen would have heroes.

          You do not greet Death; you punch him in the throat repeatedly as he drags you away.


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            Im from NY and up here when the police say "I came close to biting the bullet" it means he almost died. But for the sake of correction, the closest any of you have come to losing your life in the line of duty.


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              nothing to see here
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                It was about 0100 HRS and I was working the gang unit, as we drove through one of the projects we saw a group of about 25 gangsters ready to go at each other.

                We got out of our cars (2 Units, 4 officers) and started to approach them as tactically as possible. We were about 50 yards away when they opened up on us, it was a setup, I literally heard one of the bullets whiz by my right ear as I was running for cover. If I was few inches to the right...Uh I don't even want to write it down.

                I have a few other ones but that one certainly takes the cake.


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                  Originally posted by olnacl
                  I was searching a car one fine afternoon, while my backup watched the BGs.

                  As I finished searching under the driver side's seat I stood up and began to turn away from the car to move over to the passenger side when a Ford 250 Supercrew took the driver side door off of the car I was searching.

                  To this day I have no idea how that truck ended up missing me, as I was stranding in the "v" made be the open driver side door and the frame of the car when the truck took the door off of the hinges.

                  After a second or two, I ran back to my car and went after the truck....I caught him....because he had run his truck up onto a fire hydrant.

                  Fortunately for me, another officer showed up and pulled me off of the driver before I had a chance to do any damage to him.

                  I talked to my back up and he said he thought for sure I was dead when the truck hit the car.

                  That's the closest I ever came to getting killed that I know of....also the only time I have ever completely and totally lost my temper as an officer and had to be physically pulled off of a suspect. Not proud of that aspect of the call but I was younger then.

                  That same night, after doing the all of the paperwork (the driver of the 1st car lied about his name and had dope, the guy who almost killed me was DWI, and then there was the accident) and getting some lunch, I pulled a suicidal subject off of a highway overpass before he could jump onto the freeway....but that's a story for another time.

                  Oh yeah...did I mention this was all on a Christmas Eve?



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                    Early one Sunday evening in November of 1998, I was driving through a green light at a busy intersection doing about 30 mph. Just as I entered, I saw a red car enter on my right. Didn't have time to say "oh sh*t" or hit brakes before we hit. I T boned her car, bounced off took out a fire hydrant and hit a light pole. My patrol car's front was wrapped around the light pole. One foot difference and I literally would have went through the front door of a crab house.

                    Luckily I limped away from the accident but as it was happening I thought it was the end. Everything went into slow motion and no sound except breaking glass.

                    Other driver had fallen asleep and admitted fault at the scene. Both cars were totalled and she ended up with a broken hip, three broken ribs and a punctured lung.

                    Happened right outside of Maryland State Police HQ and a couple of troopers witnessed the accident. After we hit I tried to radio my dispatcher but couldn't remeber where I was. Knew what road I was on but couldn't remember the cross street or read the sign. One of the troopers had to tell me where I was so I could tell dispatch.
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                    In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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                      A few years back on the 4th of July, went to break up a large party around 1am. All was going well until we run into the token Ahole that has had to much happy juice and decides he doesn't want the party to end just yet. (Of course this has to be the guy who is around 280lbs). Well we decide he just made the "team" and me and my partner go and attempt to handcuff him and we wind up in a bit of a wrestling match. Now things just go down hill from there. We wind up in the corner of the outside porch and against the railing. Well with all the weight now against the railing, Murphies law of gravity comes in. The railing breaks, all three of us fall about 7ft. down into the garden. The 7ft. drop was not a big deal in the matter, it was the small picket fence around the garden that we missed be about a foot. Only injury out of that was a bruised *** and ego......
                      What we are dealing with here.......is a complete lack of respect for the law (Sheriff Buford T. Justice)


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                        The LA office had done 60 days of survellience on a group that had been buying guns and ammo. They followed them down to the border, where I had planned the stop. We cut them off from the front, and I got out with a shotgun, telling the driver to put his hands up (had to stop from the front, as Mexico was only 50 feet away). The driver looked at me, AND THEN BENT OVER!

                        I sighted the shotgun, took the slack out of the trigger, and decided that when he moved his body back to shoot me, I was going to blow his head off from about 10 feet!

                        The driver brought both hands up on the steering wheel without leaning back. We opened the door, and he got to play "kiss the concrete'! There was no gun in the front! The ignition was low on the dash, and he was going to turn the engine off.

                        We took 66 M1 Carbines and 8,000 rounds of ammo out of the camper on the truck. They were on route to a revolutionary group in Central America.

                        I had a larger than usual load of laundry that week!

                        Then there was the time I was writing a report, and I get this really nasty paper cut! I mean it bled on page 6 and 7, it was really bad .......
                        "A man who has nothing which he cares about more than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the existing of better men than himself."
                        John Stuart Mill


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                          Years ago I almost had my gun taken away. Me and my partner waded into a crowd (poor tactical judgement) to break up a fight. Long story short- members of the crowd turned on us, I felt my gun being pulled from behind, I did the old "pin and spin" move as I was knocked to the ground. I just weathered the storm and hit my OT button. We took some pretty good kicks but luckily for us the calvary was right around the corner and were there within seconds.

                          This other one was not a close call per se, it was more of a what if...

                          We were dispatched to a husband/wife Domestic, as we pull up a guy approaches us on foot and says he just got off the phone with 911 and wants his brother removed from his house as they had been arguing. However this was not the call were were dispatched to, this guy lived up the street and figured we were there for him. We tell him to sit tight and wait for the responding unit or until we were clear.

                          The guy grew impatient and only waited about five minutes before returning home (no police units were on scene yet). As soon as he opened his door his brother unloaded a .380 at him from about ten feet away. He was fortunate in that he only took one to the shoulder and one that left a nasty but non threatening graze to his head. The brother fled on foot but was grabbed w/o incident about an hour later.

                          (Our husband/wife domestic call ended up as nothing more than a non physical/threatening argument).

                          I often wonder what would have happened if we had gone through that door- would we have taken one of those rounds to the head or neck?
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                            Somalia, Africa 4 Oct 1993. While involved in Operation Goat rope...I mean Restore Hope. Crossing an alley on foot doing a left footed russian ballet with a jammed M16 and one Bad *** Ranger laying covering fire with an M-249. Rounds danced around my *** like firecrackers on the 4th but I made it.

                            I was an Army MP at the time.
                            After the pin is pulled, Mr. Hand Grenade is no longer your friend.

                            "Shut the door I'm tryin to poop!" - Larry the Cable Guy

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                              Domestic disturbance

                              early 80s I responded to a call of domestic fight in a parking lot at a local grocery store. I and my partner pull into the lot and I park nect to another car which has a single guy in it. I get outa the squad and am scanning the lot for this domestic fight. I make eye contact with the lone guy in the car and nod hello. About that time from about 50 feet away, a woman comes running outa the grocery stor and shouts "thats him where your at and he has a gun"
                              I look down and see this guy witha subnose .38 in his lap. I go to draw my weapon but my elbow hits the squad car window frame. This guy jams the .38 in my belly and pulls the trigger, twice. It doesnt go off. My partner blast three rounds into this guy from about 6 feet away. No hits though just blows out the back glass. Guy drops the gun and we suck him outa the car for some serious stick action.
                              Now heres the serious s it. The gun was loaded and did show firing pin indents on the primers. Weapon was taken to the range for test firing. It never once mis fired. 50 rounds went through it.

                              My lucky day and I go buy my first second chance..

                              Now you gotta remember this was back in the days when only "Sissys" wore a vest every body carried saps and we all smoked and drank and chased wild women.


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