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  • Take Home Police Vehicles

    My department is looking into starting the program and I am looking for any information on the topic.

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    Feel free to contact our Agency, (702) 229-3111, ask for our Policy and Planning Unit. They can send you a copy of our Policy on take home vehicles. (I am assuming you are talking about the vehicles assigned to a specific unit ie; narcs, swat ect..) Our take home policy just changed in Jan of this year, we now have to live within a 25 mile radius of the center of our city to be able to take a vehicle home. You also have to be assigned to a unit which is subject to call-out in your off time. Our patrol officers don't take home their vehicles if that is what you are talking about? Try to contact a few agencies and get copies of their policy regarding the matter. It will give you a global perspective. I hope this helps..


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      Most of the depts around my area have take home vehicles. I doubt we have any big written policy study about it, but I do believe it was based on the "Lexington Plan" if you want to look that up.

      I can tell you that depts with take home patrol cars get a lot more service out of the vehicles than depts that have cars sitting at the station to be shared. It's really just common sense that if each officer has their "own" vehicle and is in charge of taking care of it that they will be less likely to beat on the cars and keep them in better shape since the only person they'd be hurting is themselves.

      I love my take home car as not only does it save me a boatload in gas money, but it also gives me a break on my car insurance since any vehicle I own is now classified as pleasure use only.


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        I've had a take home car since 1991. It is absolutely great.

        As part of the deal, we are the first officers called on call outs. We are required to service the vehicle on our own time at the city garage if service day doesnt fall on our regular duty hours. We can use the vehicle for personal use inside the city limits while off duty. We can transport civilians with us while off duty.

        My kids think its a scream to get to ride in Daddy's car.
        RADAR is the 8th wonder of the world.


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          Take home police vehicles

          Alabama DPS has had "take home" vehicles for ages. Take home enables an agency to rapidly deploy officers to accidents, disturbances, and a wide variety of calls and situations. Vehicles assigned to one officer last longer, are generally better cared for, than vehicles run 24/7. There is also the issue of accountability with regard to care and maintenance. As far as the distance an Officer lives from his/her post,Division Chiefs are allowed discretion in this regard.


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            I think it a good idea, so long as it goes with a 24/7 armed profile.
            My policy is that you wear your tin and weapon at all times.
            The public gets more bang for the buck.
            We do it.
            If people choose to commit their special crimes away from a marked squad car, then so be it.
            I still believe that presence is a deterent.
            I cannot prove this.
            What do I know? I did not become a cop until 1968.
            And I spent some time out with the Infantry branch, U.S.A.
            And I have only been The Marshal since 1985.
            What do I know?
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              Originally posted by VegasMetro
              Feel free to contact our Agency, (702) 229-3111, ask for our Policy and Planning Unit.
              Same here, love to share policies. PM me if you want the info.

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