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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if you know how I can check whether a gun in my possession was used in a crime at all? Allow me to explain the circumstances:

    About 25 years ago, my future mother-in-law was married to an abusive husband, who one day brought home a handgun which he'd bought off "some guy at work", who was "leaving town today", and had got it for $25. He threatened her with it a couple of times, but thankfully she divorced him, and before serving the papers took the gun and gave it to her parents, asking them to hide it in her house someplace (in case he was to get mad and use it on her). She had no idea where they'd hidden it until....flash forward to the present....

    Her Mother died recently, and my fiance's family have been in the process of moving into her house. I was there recently, when she found the handgun and asked me to check if it was unloaded etc. It's a single action .22 revolver, there are 8 rounds of .22 LR in the box with it (not in the gun, I checked all chambers were clear). It still has the serial number on it etc, and it is quite a nice looking piece in decent condition despite not being touched for 25 years (has some bear/cat design on the chamber, wooden stock etc), and we're looking at selling it or keeping it, however she is scared that it was possibly used in a crime somewhere and hence that's why the guy who sold it was leaving town in a hurry. She said that at the time, she asked a cop unofficially what she should do, and he told her to break it into different pieces, and throw each one into a different lake. Having not the first clue about guns, she gave it to her parents instead. Now I'd much prefer to hand it in or get it checked somehow, if it can be used to solve a crime or if it's "clean", to be able to sell/own it without problems.

    As a sub-question, does anyone know if the ammo would still work after all this time? If I did end up keeping it and want to use it, I would completely clean out the gun and buy new ammo for it, but would just like to check all the same.

    Any advice would be more than welcome!

    Thanks in Advance,


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    As an extra piece of info, they live in Colorado, in case that would affect the laws etc.


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      Explain all of that to your local PD. They can run the serial numbers to see if the weapon has been reported stolen or is "wanted" for a crime. The gun could come back
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        Hmmm, sounds like a Ruger Bearcat, cool little piece to have. I've been wanting one for years. If it still looks good then chances are it is in fine working order. Hopefully it comes back clean.
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