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    So I am trying to find something to give civilians who have never gone on a ride along or worked with ...we'll say 'difficult' people, an idea of what LE really go through. I have seen a video of what LE encounter at a body recovery scene (following a missing person case) and that was pretty gruesome and dramatic but did not illustrate any of the danger aspects.

    I was wondering if you all were aware of any other videos, preferably available on the net, that I can show people to help them better understand some of what you all deal with every day? To help them better understand your 'culture.'

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    Reno 911, season 1 and 2.

    Seriously though, I doubt you will find anything that will really portray what an officer experiences without actually being there in their shoes. Ride alongs don
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      Not Hollywood

      Though Reno 911 is a laugh - not quite what I had in mind. I actually was looking for something more like a training video but not one of those that make situations look so easy - one that has real-life situations on it or something of the sort.

      I realize that probably does not exist for the general public but I was hoping someone would care enough to advise someone (and therby a group of people all over the country) who actually wants to know how the make the trainings, that you all have to sit through, better and more relevant - and to find a way to be more respectful of the good work you all do (and convey that respect in a way that does not come off poorly).


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