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Please give your opinion on my incident with police


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    Originally posted by greeny
    pm for you gotthblues Chill out man, you sound like a just shot your kitten or something.

    god your a whiner......look out air force academy....ya probably won't last a quarter.
    "here's to us and those like us .....damn few left"


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      Ok Booger, opps.. I meany greeny..

      I just just tired to take a digi cam picture of my wrist watch, the watch I use when make notes that will end in court, and my cell phone. An exercise that just woke my 37.5 week pregnant wife up. In doing so I learned two things one, while pregnant my wife has super hearing, and two, my cell phone time is 7 minutes slower than my watch.

      Now Greeny, I appreciate answering my questions.

      Ok, so the original twin comment was misleading. You and you're brother look completely different. All that means is the officer made a mistake and should have taken you "downtown"

      I have never in my life seen a quiet 8 person game of tag in my life, well maybe while driving by the deaf school.

      Two things I have an issue with is the accusation of lying and the alienation. Firstly what gives you the right to feel inclusion in the police world? I don't doubt for a second you are a smart kid, in fact, that's fairly obvious. I do however think you need to a huge amount of growing up before joining the military.

      Now, maybe I am just a lazy cop, but I have honestly never banged up "youths" that bad - tickets and rides to the office.(which in the grand scheme of things isn't bad at all) So my guess, is that one of you friends earned that response for you guys


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        Originally posted by greeny
        Well the fact that they got a citation for breaking curfew when they weren't. So yes, the time. And also saying that everyone they let go was eighteen when my twin was taken in and not me.

        I understand that in this situation, the discrepencies were not that big of a deal. But it makes me wonder what else they would be willing to fabricate to make sure they don't look bad. It's a slipperly slope...

        Have a good day everyone!v
        The hell with the curfew citation......should just have taken everyone for trespassing. At least then you probably wouldn't have felt alienated.
        What we are dealing with here.......is a complete lack of respect for the law (Sheriff Buford T. Justice)


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          Have to admit. When I read you first post about playing "tag" a flag came up. Eight 18 year olds playing tag? OK I'll give you that.
          You weren't charged with tresspassing, so why talk about it? It would of been a good charge. Curfew was a good arrest too. Like mentioned before curefew is a status offense so only a juvenile can be charged with it. That's why they let the adults go. Did your brother have ID? If not how are they supposed to know? And the time on the ticket is usually the time it was written. I an officer pulls someone over for speeding, it would be difficult to know the exact time the officer determined the violation. Instead it's the time the officer put the pen on the paper. And tresspassing is a general intent crime, so it doesn't matter if you saw the signs or not. You were there when the park was closed? An excuse to get out of speeding ticket couldn't be, "I didn't see the speed limit sign".
          You didn't say anything about it. But did one of the eight of you start to mouth off?


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            Greeny, I can only tell you what we do in Phx. Assuming All was as you say, without a complainant or order from a supervisor or an aggravated situation we'd simply tell you to get out. Our tickets DO just say "time" on them & that refers to the time of occurence. Was the clock in the patrol car wrong?Possibly. That's a question for the courts to decide. Should they have transported 5 people in the back of a car? Of course not! The 2 officers that stopped you, regardless of gender, may have been on a curefw or park enforcement detail so they were obligated to enforce some particular codes. Could they have been more thourough? Perhaps. But careful what you wish for, you may not like the outcome. Does your city's police agency have a quota or "squad average" their officers must meet? It sounds like the officers did their job in the quickest way they knew how but MAY have left some legal and safety issues open. Do yourself a favor--forget this stuff and go to the AF Academy


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