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Did you own a Motorcycle before applying?


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    Motorcycle before applying.

    Not an issue. Should it be?


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        Originally posted by Harleydude
        Wow how ever did I miss this post? I own a Harley, Electra Glide Ultra Classic, the biggest and best Harley makes. Me and the little Lady are both L.E. and ride all the time, I am also the B.G. Inv. for my dept. From my view the guys and gals around here that ride Harley`s, Choppers, and just plain cruisers are the mature people in the dept.

        The guys and gals that ride the sport bikes are the thrill seekers, and are the ones our other local dept. chase around when there off duty. Its kinda getting out of hand on I285. But cop or no cop, those bikes are what they are and so are the poeple riding them. I know that sounds very judgmental but when you peal back the bannana what do you eat?

        As far as looking at it from a B. G. Inv. stand point, we could care less what you own, drive, or ride, as long as you dont pull up to the interview riding it while acting crazy or have a record from it. Good luck..
        When I interviewed with the Highway Patrol about 10 years ago the Line Sergeant that was doing my background wanted to know what kind of car I drove. I told him (Pontiac Sunbird at the time) and he says it isn't a convertible is it? I said no. He said you don't have the windows tinted do you? I said no. He said, you don't have a loud stereo in it do you? I said no. He said good. If you're gonna be a trooper you need to act like one. You need to be driving a regular car that doesn't stand out.

        I kind of figured that if the criteria was whether or not you stood out that it wouldn't be a good idea to own a motorcycle. I have owned two (Honda VTX and Big Dog Chopper) but currently I don't have one. It sure is killing me though. Once you have one it's hard not to have one.
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          I am a major fan of motorcycles, but especially sport bikes. I had one when I was hired and still have one. I ride every chance I get. And I can also tell you, it is not the stupid 18-20 yr olds killing themselves. Read the statistics and they will tell you, it is the 50+ people that are killing themselves. I was reading something just the other day about the babyboomers, who have money and are retireing at a fast rate and they are out buying motorcycles like they are going out of style and it is those inexperienced riders that are hurting themselves.

          I don't act like a fool and I have been riding now for 10 years, but I will admit, I like to ride hard when I have the chance. I have been a LEO now for 8 years and I will never give up either one. Truth said, I feel safer on my "crotch rocket" doing 70+ on the open road and in the curves then I do on a car stop out in the middle of nowhere, with my back up 5 mins out.
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