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Noob with ? re: vehicle registration


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  • Noob with ? re: vehicle registration


    I'm hoping some of you could offer some insight to a situation my wife was involved in yesterday. She was pulled over for speeding, but the officer saw she has no pts on her record- and gave her a warning. BUT...when he ran the registration he said the MVA came back with "no record of registration".

    I'm wondering how this could be. We have the registration card from the MVA..... and paid the registration fee when we bought the vehicle.

    Also, from your own experiences- is this an isolated occurance, or does it happen more than I think???

    Thanks all, and have a great night!

    Scott/ USMC

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    Hard to say for sure but it does happen. It could be as simple as the dispatcher/officer gave the wrong plate. Or it got put into the computer wrong (one number off on the VIN or so) when it was registered. Or it could be a error in the MVA computer. If you have the time drop into the MVA and have them check it.

    It does happen, not a lot but it does happen.


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      it happens, i've seen it hand full of times & it usually started w/ error at the state registering it


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        I get that about once a week when runing plates on the MCT. As long as the driver has the proper paperwork, I consider it a computer error. If the driver does not have the paperwork, then the ticket book comes out.


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          CT DMV always has an incredible amount of backlog. It often takes months before your newly purchased vehicle or recently new registered vehicle will show up on the NCIC computer system. It's completely normal and shouldn't cause you any worry. Just be sure to keep the registration certificate you received from the DMV in your glove box in case you run into a similar situation before the computer is caught up.
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