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    Ok, so I need help guys. I know this is extremely last minute, but oh well. Tonight is orientation for my first year of college. I'm going to a community college here near me. It's late in the process but I'm also going to schedule my classes tonight after the orientation. I was looking through my book for the college and noticed an Associates degree program for Administration of Justice. Here is the description:
    Las Positas College (Livermore, CA) offers courses that lead to an Associates in Arts degree in Administration of Justice, including a Basic Peace Officer Academy for students seeking full time employment in Law Enforcement. A Reserve Peace Officer course and several advanced officer courses are also offered in the program. The degree program prepares students for transfer to a four year college or universitywhile the Basic Peace Officer Academy and Reserve Peace Officer programs prepare students for direct job entry with a California law enforcement agency. While units in this program are transferable to many institutions, students should consult a counselor for transfer info.

    Overall, I'm clueless about college and what I'm doing. I haven't declared a major and am still trying to decide. I am going into all this knowing that I'm just for now trying to complete my General Education. I'm also considering doing a couple years in the military. Everything could possibly change. I need some advice. I want to major in something interesting as well as something that would boost my chances of getting hired with a PD. I don't think I'll want to work for a California PD, but who knows what'll happen. For tonight, I'm signing up for classes, so if you have any immediate input that'd be cool. Should I consider this degree or should I just maybe take an elective affiliated with this degree, one that is interesting to me, just for the heck of it? BLAH!

    P.S. I'm not interested in entering the law enforcement field right at 21. I'm thinking more around 25ish.

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    Well I'm leaving. =/

    I'll guess I'll try to figure things out on my own.


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      Nothing wrong with an AA in CJ. Just go heavy on things like the math, english & communication so you can get a 4 year degree in something more useful. Public Administration is worth a look for your 4 year degree if you plan on a LE career & want to advance.


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        Well I scheduled my classes (3 of 4 as of now) for this semester. So far I have Introduction to Administration of Justice, Abnormal Psychology and Introduction to Photography. I'm going to see if I can get in a math class that is currently full.


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