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    Ok guys and gals, I have a pa test coming up on sept 10, and I have a problem. I have not ran in years, since high school I just started running again. I am not out of shape but I just have not ran in a while. I am more of a work-out(free weights) type of person I am 5'9 weight about 200 and work out 3-4 times a week. I bench 375 no problem but try to get me to run 1.5 miles is killing me. I tried to run a 1.5 lastnight and had a hell of time doing it but I did it in 20 minutes with 3/4 of it running and 1/4 it walking. I am looking for some suggestion on how to train myself to get this down in a about 30 days. I no it going to be hard but I feel I can do it........... Oh forgot to mention the passing time is 13.22. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.
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    Run intervals. Do a few warm up laps. Take a moderate to fast pace for one or two laps, then two at a steady jog, then start again with a faster lap or two. Throw some sprints in the mix as well or use them to warm up. Keep doing the weights, but spend more time doing cardio. Talk to the track coach at a local college or HS and ask for a few more pointers. 7 minutes will be difficult to trim off in a month, but it can be done if you work hard, eat and rest properly, and stick with it.

    This is what I did for pre-season soccer through HS and college and it helped a lot with my endurance. I was running 10:43 2 miles. It also helped get me ready for BASIC. Did a race with a few Drill SGTs and pulled a 43 minute some odd seconds 15K. I thought I was gonna die at the time, but I did it. Amazing what you can do when all the drills are behind you and say if you slow down, they are going to make you pay.
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