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A few questions about jurisdiction, etc.


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  • A few questions about jurisdiction, etc.

    Can local police make a traffic stop on an interstate if it runs through the city that officer patrols?

    Can police aides pull people over? I know the answer to this one is probably no but I want to be sure.

    Can officer initiate traffic stops/respond to a high speed pursuit in their own personal vehicles?

    I know that some counties and cities are only patrolled by a sherrif's department. However, in Newport News the Sheriff's dep. is in charge of running the jails. Does this mean that they can still patrol and make routine traffic stops?

    And this last one is for fun: When in pursuit of a suspect do you have/what is your favorite song to play in the car?

    One more, do LEO's have the responsibility/permission to enforce the law when they are off-duty as well?
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    1) Yes

    2) WTF is a police aide? If they are non-sworn then no. If it is a cop with the hiv then yeah.

    3) Most jurisdictions no. Doesn't mean that you can't call in something serious for someone on duty.

    4) Most are sworn LE and can make stops per the law, but you would have to check with one to see if their SOP allows them to. Some jurisdictions that have SO/PD have an agreement that PD handles all traffic, and others have no problem with a little help from our brothers in brown.

    5) Anything but Abba

    6) Yes and no. An off duty officer in his jurisdiction can enforce all laws as if he were on duty (in VA) and can arrest on a felony anywhere in the state (as can any civilian). This does not mean that it is a smart idea. When I mark 10-7, that's it most of the time. I did stop a DUI one night on my way home by pulling my pos in front of his stopped truck, but this was after he almost wrecked about 12 times in less than a mile, went the wrong way down a divided hwy, almost hit me and about 6 other people and was about to get on the interstate. Turned out to be a felony DUI and blew a .24 (that was pretty much an I had to do something or someone was going to get hurt or die, responding units were a bit slow that night, but got there right after I removed him from his truck.
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      1. Yes

      2. No clue what a police aide is. Is that like auxillary or reserve police? Then most likely no unless they are on duty.

      3. Against my SOP, the POV part that is. My SO patrol the majority of the county with portions of the municipalities doing their own thing. Oregon law states there are no technical jurisdictions and county SO's can go anywhere they please to do enforcement but most stick to their own jurisdiction because I for one don't like doing reports for other agencies. Way out in the western side of the county most of our deputies have the agreement with the state troopers that the troopers take the bad crashes (way way more training in that) while the deputies take the warrants and that kind of stuff.

      4. Honestly I turn off the radio when I get into code 3 driving, too many distractions are not a good thing as martha would say.

      5. We do but our SOP prefers us to be good witnesses unless lethal force would be justified, or serious physical injury is being seen.
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        1. Yup

        2. We have a Sheriff's Posse, which is composed of non-sworn personell. They have radio's in their personal vehicles, badges etc.. They can intitate a stop if approved by the shift supervisor.

        3. The offical answer is no, but the shift supervisor can override this and approve it.

        4. Our Sheriff's office controls the jail, as well as all law enforcement in the unincorporated parts of the county.

        5. Kid Rock, Bawitibawda. But you have to keep the volume down most of the time to hear the radio.

        6. We are allowed to take charge of a situtation until an on duty deputy arrives.


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          Uh, yes!!

          Don't know what a police aide is. It really don't sound healthy though.

          I don't recommend it. No

          Depends on the qualifications of the officer. In Texas their are jailers and deputies. Deputies are peace officers with arrest authority.

          Usually to busy talking on the telephone to listen to the radio.

          Yes, but I would only do it in the extreme. Most agencies will have a police on this.
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            ****The following are for Florida and my agency in particular. Other departments may have more restrictive or leniant policies.

            1. Yes - do it all the time.

            2. No - my PSA's are not sworn. (However, if they witness a crime they can follow - without using their emergency equipment and using the radio until a marked police unit arrives.)

            3. No -I can't use my personal vehicle- but I take my patrol car home. If I happened to see somethin while in my personal vehicle - I could radio or phone in the info.

            4. Yes - The sherrif runs the jail and patrols the unicorporated areas of the county.

            5. Pursuit - whats that? In their infinite wisdom the admin forbids them.

            6. If off-duty - an officer in their jurisdiction has the same authority as if they were working. If outside their jurisdiction they can take action for a felony.


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              My Answers

              1/ yes, but sometimes the primary agency of that roadway (usually state police) gets a lil upset

              2/ in NYC Police Aids are civilian administrative personnel... the official tilte being Police Administrative Aid (PAA) and they dont have the authority to do any law enforcement duties.... where i am now (delaware) they have something called a Civilian Police Aid (CPA) but they are the same (non law enforcement) and do the same as the Police Aids in NYC, but from what i understand years ago the CPA in delaware (wilmington) was origiannly like what we call in NYC "Special Police / Patrolman"..... but then again in this state a Constatble is not a police officer either. They are in fact what we would call in NYC a Special Patrolman also. Basically what i am saying is, don't quote me on the autority of a Police Aid in your area; For, every state / agency has different titles and duties of it's personnel. For instance, in some states and agencies, the Sherriff's Dept. is the Police and top dog, whereas in other places they are only Correction Officers or Court Officers, or just do admin duties and just serve evictions etc... even worse there are some Sherriff agencies have no law enforcement power at all (political). A few years ago the state police in this state forced a local sherriff's agency (sussex county sheriff's dept.) to take off the lights and sirens off marked cars and stopped them from doing car stops all together, even threatened to arrest any of the deputies reported or seen doing such (that was a serious legal and political fight...lol) but anyways, i apologise from vering off the original topic... back to answering your questions... in a nutshell, generally, most states and angencies have as different titles, roles, and authority...

              3/ speaking as a past supervisor, the correct answer would be NO., and SOP as a LEO is to contact the local police and provide them with the details; and let them dispatch an on-duty officer.... you can either assist as a witness or depart and they will most certainly contact you if needed; but, depending on the seriousness of the situation one would have to use his/her own judgement to determine whether the condition warrants any immediate action.... but i am sure most officers (including myself) have all done some foolish things off duty during our rookie stages

              4/ i just realized that i may have already answered this question in my # 2 answer.

              5/ i personally dont know any officer that listens to music during a pursuit, but i cant speak for everyone. I dont recommend it either, because during a pursuit all you attention must be on your driving, your surroundings, anticipation of what the driver of vehicle you are pursuing is about to do, safety of the other motorist on the road as well as pedestrians, all while listening to your radio and making transmissions to radio dispatch... so to do this effectively and safely it would be unwise to listen to music that may impair you effectiveness by distracting you. Worse case scenerio, if that officer gets involved in an accident or strikes someone (especially fatally) during that pursuit, imagine telling internal affairs and investigators (mainly the the review panel) that the music was playing.... kiss your career good bye

              6/ officially yes, but intervention by an off-duty officer usually depends on the nature of the offense / crime. Most officers will get involved on a felony situation (gun run, shooting, kidnapping, grand larceny etc...) but many rookies officers tend to get invoved with practically anything
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                Answers for VT only.

                1) Yes, in VT there are no jurisdictions, all LEO's have statewide authority.

                2) We don't have any police aides that I know of.

                3) Technically, yes if they have a light and siren (with permit), but it would be foolish, and may be prohibited by departmental policy.

                4) Not applicable here.

                5) My radio would be turned off.

                6) Yes, LEO's have authority 24/7/365, so can issue tickets, and make arrests at any time.


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                  Questions about jurisdiction

                  These laws and policies vary from state to state. In Alabama, a "police aide" would have no police authority, and thus be prevented from performing general law enforcement duties. This would include traffic stops. In Alabama, a municipal police officer has arrest authority in the county the city is in. Some municipalities have policies against officers exercising this power outside of the city. Using a personal vehicle to make traffic stops is not a wise idea, unless you work for a department that equips and authorizes personally owned vehicles for police duties. There are also very important liability considerations as well.


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                    1. Yes

                    2. What in the wild wild world of sports is a police aide?

                    3. Yeah if we want to get fired.

                    4. Last I checked I was a sworn officer in the State of California. That doesn't mean I go poaching in someone elses back yard.

                    5. Music in the car? We don't have radios in our patrol cars, and if we did during a pursuit?

                    6. Yes peace officers have 24/7 authorityand may act while off duty anywhere in California.

                    Music While in a Pursuit!!??


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                      Originally posted by Code3kd

                      2. What in the wild wild world of sports is a police aide?

                      Music While in a Pursuit!!??
                      A police aide, in Newport News, is someone who has a uniform, badge, and a patrol vehicle. They usually handle redirecting traffic and recreation events. I'm not sure what powers they have and that's why I asked. Obviously a police aide is something that most departments don't have. I don't really know why we have them, other than to get rid of some of the crappy assignments no other officer wants to take.

                      Also, I have heard stories of PO's listening to music during pursuit. Granted, it's not a good idea. However, it still goes on.


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                        oh ok... i am assuming that the Police Aids in Newport are something like an Auxiliiary Police Officer, Part-Time Police / Peace Officer, Reserve Police Officer etc... of which augment a police dept and allow such type of personal to handle the minor complaints and duties (mainly traffic and crowd control) of which frees up the full time officers to concentrate on other higher priority duties..... and if that is what he PA's in Newport do, i am sure that they do have such powers, but i bet it is only while on-duty... it all boils down to the agency and state you are in which dictates the authority and powers of it's personnel..... but if you question it, you should contact the agency itself that employs the Police Aids in your area.
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                          Are they armed?


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                            Originally posted by Code3kd
                            Are they armed?
                            No, I don't think so.


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                              in fla
                              we have police service aide's

                              they secure traffic accidents, write up traffic reports

                              they write police reports, " lil johnny' broke my window.....
                              write up minor police reports,...lost purses, stolen property,
                              anything that a certified officer is really not needed for.

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