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is this a CLASS A or B misdemeanor?


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  • is this a CLASS A or B misdemeanor?

    Im trying to get a CHL in texas and wanted to know if a FTA warrant is considered a Class A or B misdemeanor....

    Long version of question.....
    Hi. I am located in Houston, TX, and in 2001 I got pulled over for a broken side blinker and registration sticker was overdue. I got pulled over again in 2002 for bad inspection sticker. I didn't show up for either of these in court (in 01 i was having a baby ((not me but my girlfriend)) ) so i got two failure to appears (2001, 2002) (i'll say FTA for rest of this post). After much research online i found that FTA means a class C misdemeanor. I did pay the 2002 one last week online and still owe the old one (too old to be online anymore) i got a letter in the mail in 2004 saying "This is a Criminal Matter, which has resulted in a WARRANT for your arrest" For this saturday, I scheduled a Concealed Handgun License class in which i fill the paper work and shoot tests for $99, then within 6 months i can send $140 plus paperwork to apply with the state for the license. One of the requirements is that you can't have a Class A or B misdemeanor or have had one within 5 years. Does this possible warrant disqualify me? i read online and it said that some courts don't file warrants, but it seems this one may have according to that letter (was an amnesty letter that i let pass me by due to lack of $$ available in 2004) other than this I qualify i am pretty sure (plus I grew up around gun safety so I am not at all a danger of gun misuse)

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      Originally posted by olnacl
      ...never seen an FTA warrant for a ticket come out as anything higher then a "C" misdemeanor.
      Thank you thank you! I thought incorrectly because i read definitions for A and B and those two were fines with jail time and C was fine only. I got worried because warrant means jail time, so thank you for clearing this up for me!


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        FTA is a class C. Hopefully you've paid all your fines by now. If not they still stay class C but then become "capias pro-fine"--or in layman's terms--"pay or stay". (Go to jail or pay the fine)


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          Class Aor B Misdemeanor

          Bottom line here is,Texas DPS isn't going to issue the license until you clear up the tickets/warrants/charges etc.


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