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    Originally posted by toasterlocker
    Ok, so I have a question that I'm hoping some of you campus cops can answer for me, but I must apologize for the lengthy explanation coming ahead.

    So here is my story. I started going to college in 2002 to become a high school social studies teacher. Now I'm only three semesters away from graduation, but my heart really isn't in it anymore. I would still like to teach eventually, but I couldn't see myselft doing it my whole life, especially not while I'm young. Not to mention it is really hard to get a teaching job at my age.

    Anyway, I've been working for the campus security department for the past year and a half, and I love it. Its not just some boring old guard or ticketing job, and I have done pretty well (I'm already a Sergeant, the only one who isn't a Criminal Justice major.) I have enjoyed the job so much, I even thought of switching to Criminal Justice and becoming an LEO, but there is a small problem. If I switch now, pretty much all of the credits I have earned so far will go to waste. And right now, I'm looking forward to being done with school, so a Master's in Criminal Justice is out of the question, at least for now.

    So here is what I'm thinking. The perfect fit for me would be to find some sort of campus security job (non-leo) that is full-time, or try to get in at a place that has a paid academy as opposed to a "you pay" skills program. That way, I could continue doing something I enjoy before going into teaching, and I wouldn't have to pay for extra schooling. Not to mention I'm not really gung-ho about the whole kicking down doors and chasing crack dealers type of police work, and would be just fine with community relations kind of stuff that seems to be a large part of university work.

    So what I'm wondering is if any of you could let me know what you think of this idea, and if you have any helpful tips. I'm not really hell-bent on doing one thing or another, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

    People are hooked on the whole idea of, "If I'm going to be a cop, I've got to have a criminal justice degree."

    This is just flat out not true. If you have any legitimate degree, you will be looked upon favorably. As a matter of fact, if you have a teaching degree, you might be an ideal instructor for a police department.

    Many people go to college and get into the real world and do something totally unrelated. There is no reason for you to worry about switching majors.
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      Sounds like you already answered your question. Being young you have many choices, so don't rush into one or the other. Finish your degree while working the campus security. Sounds like you like the public relations thing, maybe you should even look into that line of work. Although police work is part PR, the rest is kicking in doors, getting dirty, and taking bad guys to jail. Those that can't do, teach Teaching has it's rewards and young teachers right out of school get hired all the time, Some districts like the fresh meat, Train them their way. Good luck.
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        It sounds like you should stay where you are. You seem to have most of what you are looking for already.

        I am a university police officer and working for a bona fide (university/college) PD is a lot different then work for a security department-apples and oranges. Working for a university PD requires the same professional commitment as any other PD. We do the same things as our municipal and county counterparts. With that said, university policing involves a lot more than most people realize. We do real police work, not just public relations. It will require you to devote more time and effort than you might realize.

        Conversely, a lot of university PD


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          Toaster, what is it that you like about the campus security job? Im not bein smart, i really would like to know. I worked at Univ. FL PD for about 8 months before I got hired on where I am now. It was a good experience. There is a distinct difference between the two types of enforcement. It sounds like you would fit in really well at a UPD. Public perception and interaction is very important. Where i work now, the chief doesnt number the patrol cars bc he doesnt want people to be able to complain on us. Its the exact opposite at a UPD (at least where I worked, and it was a 100 sworn UPD). The fact that you have a dergee is awesome. It doesnt matter what its in, as others have already stated. UPD's can have their moments of being the PO-LICE (they are, no matter what anybody says), but its not the door kickin drug busting city/county stuff either. This is my opinion, UPD officers please do not flame me. This is what I have experienced, and I have worked city/upd. Oh yea, UPD paid me much more.
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            This is my opinion, UPD officers please do not flame me. This is what I have experienced, and I have worked city/upd. Oh yea, UPD paid me much more.
            I guess it depends on your department. We are the police 24/7. At one time we had the only SWAT team in the area. The university PD SWAT team responded to incidents with in a three county radius.

            I have worked for city and county PD's too. We are much more active than t he SO I worked for.
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                I can understand where you are coming from. It makes plenty of sense. I worked at the University of Florida PD (1st or 2nd larget UPD in the county). That doesnt mean it is the 1st or 2nd most active. I believe, since UF is becoming more and more respected as an institution, the students are more and more becoming well behaved. It sounds like Tensix UPD is much more active than mine was, even if it is smaller. My UPD did see the occasional action as well. Good luck in whatever you do. Become sworn though; it could only be a good thing. Atleast that way, when you do have take the occasional enforcement action (be it arrest, utc, trespass, referral, etc), you have the power of the law behind you. Plus, youre armed and trained, better prepared to protect yourself and those you serve. IMHO.
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                  I work for Indiana University PD. Last year we had the highest number of arrests for any university PD in the US. We were #1 in alcohol related arrests and #2 in drug arrests. . A significant number of our arrests are non-college people. The Clery Report does not reveal arrests of non-students (employees, local residents, visitors, etc.) drunk driving and other alcohol arrest related arrest on people over 21. In short, a lot of our activity is not reflected in that report.

                  We are also very active off campus as well and we are assigned to work high profile details in neighboring communities-Indy 500, Brickyard, KKK rallies , civil disturbances, etc.

                  The PD has a security section that handles a lot of the


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