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Recommended Self-Defense Courses For Families?


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  • Recommended Self-Defense Courses For Families?

    Have y'all ever heard of this? For me, Hubby, and my 6 and 4 year old daughters.


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    Not much you can do for kids that small other then teach them warning signs of danger.
    Would suggest Remington 870 for the husband and you for home protection.

    Any self defense course would be good for the adults.


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      Nonsense. There are martial arts classes for children that young, but rarely do they have adults in their class. You may be able to find a place that has the adult class at the same time or just before/after the kid's classes.

      I'm not going to tell you which style you should take, that's ultimately going to be up to you. However most places aren't cheap.

      I suggest simply opening up the yellow pages and looking under "Karate" (I think that's the section with all the martial arts schools) and just shop around like you would for anything else.
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        self defense classes

        THere are a number of programs that are based on awareness and avoidance training that are great for a husband and wife team to take. Most local YMCA's or adult schools offer something along those lines. Learning a martial art is always an option, but it takes a committed student and will not be learned quickly. Also, as was mentioned, there are programs for kids that teach basic awareness, stranger danger, etc. that are designed to not frighten kids as they build a foundation for future defense training. Whichever you choose, make sure it's fun and something you will not have to mortgage your home to afford.
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          Thanks so much, all!

          Much appreciated!

          RE G


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            Me and my 6 y.o. son joined a Tae Kwon Do studio and we went together, but like someone posted they did take the kids seperate them from ther adults. As far as price the first months special was like 95 bucks then it was to go to the regular price of $105.00 Sorry, no can do...
            I got nothing for now


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