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    OK, I am looking for some advice, so throw it at me.
    I am looking at making the jump into LE over the next year. I will have my BS in CJ in one year. My long-term goal is federal LE. I will have no problem getting on with a local PD if that

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    I hope you get your answer as most of us here are not Feds. You sound like a bright guy; if you ever want to give up the Fed job pursuit and do real policework let us know.
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      Yeah I have heard it all before. I am seriously considering getting on with metro here. I think its a large enough dept that I can find some action. I am looking for something specialized with plenty of opportunity. That is the main reason for federal. I don't exactly want to deal with the red tape though.


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        I looked, briefly, at getting a federal job in law enforcement and the overall impression I got was this:
        1. B.S. Degree - a must.
        2. Military - a plus (esp. with security clearences, vet. preference, etc.)
        3. Prior law enforcement - a plus, but not required.

        Completing school while being a full-time LEO is VERY challenging especially if your agency doesn't support your efforts. When I worked in Kentucky, it took me nearly 4 years to finish my last 36 hours of classwork (and that included an entire 12 hour semester after I quit that department). My GPA suffered greatly, but I managed to finish with just shy of a 3.0. Now I work in Florida and not only does the city pay a large chunk of my tuition for a Master's Degree, but I can actually go to class while on duty (unless the poop has hit the fan and I just can't come off the road). Just some food for thought in helping you decide. Good luck!
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