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Detainee Rights?


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  • Detainee Rights?

    My newly hired friend was telling us a story the other day about how he was having a bad day and they had detained a group of people. He said one of the guys wouldn't be quiet and kept asking why he was being detained and my buddy simply told him to shut up. That got us into a discussion. My roomate said he thought that an officer would be required to answer the detainees question regarding why he was being detained. I was just curious what the law was regarding that. I would personally think it'd be a good idea to tell them, but what does the law actually say?

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    I've never seen a law that states officers have to tell their detainees what their being detained for, but your "newly hired friend" who was having a bad day didn't answer in a professional manner. We can't always be nice, but confrontational cops who take out their "bad days" on citizens have no place in LE. We are here to PROTECT and SERVE.


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      We are here to PROTECT and SERVE.
      I think that statement says a lot. I don't know how the detainees were acting, but as you said, it bothered us a bit that he just told the guy plainly to shut up.

      I want to elaborate further on my original post, also. Again, I don't know the law on the matter, so please pardon my being naive. I understand where it may be helpful to an officer to not initially disclose the reasoning for detainment to help aid in the investigation. But also, looking at it from a different viewpoint where the detainee may seriously not have a clue what's going on and may be a victim of mistaken identity (probably doesn't happen too often, but for the sake of argument), that'd be a pretty frightening and confusing situation for some people to be detained and not be told why.

      Sorry if I seem to be rambling!


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        A lot depends on the situation that you are in. I try to be as informative as I can without affecting the investigation. Now it almost always helps if you remain professional and it usually keeps the person from flipping out. Sometimes it has the opposite effect. You really have to have a good "read" on the person.

        Not sure how to take your buddies story, you know him better than any of us obviously. If he's a hot-head then he'll have problems in the future. Have any cops told someone to shut up, you bet your *** I have. I don't start out there but it can get there real fast depending on the detainees cooperative behavior. If you have ability/opportunity to inform the detainee, then you should. Keeps it professional and like you said if the persons in that situation he/she could be freaked out already.

        NEVER mistake kindness for weakness --I'll still thump you if you get stupid!


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